Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, read the messages that led to the terrible quarrel between sisters-in-law

Prince Harry also publishes poison texting exchanges in his book Spare – The Minor (out today). Do you remember? They fought over the bridesmaids' dresses. And that wasn't the only occasion for confrontation. Like when a lipstick and a missed gift ignited spirits

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After the many rumors in the newspapers, Prince Harry also confirms that between his wife Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Kate Middleton (who turned 41 yesterday) there were several frictions which then led to the now famous quarrel over bridesmaids of the Sussex wedding ( guard ). Who made who cry? There are a thousand versions of the clash. In his book Spare - The Younger, Harry wanted to tell his story - Photo | video

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CHARLOTTE'S DRESS - With four days left until the wedding, Meghan is caught up in the situation with her father Thomas, who poses for money for the paparazzi and is then hospitalized for a heart attack. All covered in the newspapers. But Kate has a problem, Charlotte's dress doesn't fit, she is too large and she points this out to her sister-in-law who only replies the next day, with an icy message. The two exchange a few text messages and then the matter is resolved. Harry doesn't just tell it but, in an extraordinary violation of privacy, which his brother will be nothing short of furious about, he publishes the messages that the two women exchange.

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THE TAILOR IS WAITING FOR YOU – Kate writes: “Charlotte's dress is too big, too long and too loose. The little girl cried when she tried it at home ”. Meghan replies impatiently: “Ok. I told you the tailor's available from 8 this morning. Here, in Kensington Palace. Can you take Charlotte to have her dress fixed like the other moms are doing?” But Kate doesn't like the solution: “No. All the clothes need to be redone.' With 4 days left until the wedding, the solution seems far-fetched. An exasperated Meghan replies: “I don't know what else to say. If the dress doesn't fit then please take Charlotte to Ajay (the tailor). She's been waiting all day.' “Okay,” is Kate's prim reply.

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CRYING - When Harry comes home he finds his wife on the floor sobbing. The stress of the wedding, the worry for the father and now Kate is getting involved. The former actress can't take it anymore. To tell the truth Harry defends her sister-in-law, he tells his future wife that he surely he didn't mean to hurt or offend her. The next day the Princess of Wales shows up at home with a bouquet of flowers and a note apologizing.

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OTHER DISPUTES – It is not the only unpleasant episode involving the two women. On one occasion Meghan asks Kate to lend her lipstick. William's wife reluctantly agrees to hers but then looks at her disgusted sister-in-law when hers Meg puts some lipgloss on her fingers and runs it over her lips. In another circumstance, the American accuses Kate of having hormones in an uproar after the birth of Louis ('baby brain') and this demands her apologies 'because we are not familiar enough to be able to talk about my hormones'. Kate and William are also offended by not having received Easter gifts from the Sussexes. In short, trivial things, which could be solved in a breath. Unless there is something else underneath that the Duke of Sussex is not ready to reveal.