Meghan Markle, new interview to speak ill of the royal family. And he compares himself to Nelson Mandela ...

The unbridled Duchess says Harry lost his father Charles after the Megxit. She accuses the British newspapers of racism towards her son Archie. And she promises that she will return to social media to tell her about her. But around her there is now almost only scorched earth

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The impression is that Meghan left for the crusades. Mission: revenge against the family that she would not have welcomed her with open arms and that would have brought her to the brink of suicide (her words). With her podcast before her and now with the latest explosive interview released to The Cut magazine, taken up by all the newspapers in the world, the Duchess of Sussex is determined to rehabilitate herself and punish those who rejected her (including the tabloids) - Photo | video

HARRY AND THE FATHER - The very long interview on The Cut, accompanied by a photo shoot and signed by Allison P. Davis, who went to the Sussex house in Montecito, was taken very badly by the British. In particular, in one passage, Meghan says that, after the Megxit, Harry lost his father, Prince Charles. The sentence deeply grieved the heir to the throne, they said from Buckingham Palace. But according to Omid Scobie, one of the authors of the book pro Meghan Finding Freedom, the journalist would have misrepresented the words of the duchess that she was referring to her father, Thomas Markle, and not to the Prince of Wales.

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MEGHAN COME MANDELA - One of the most involuntarily comical passages is where Meghan compares herself to Nelson Mandela. 'A South African cast member of the musical The Lion King (which the Duchess went to see in 2019 in London) told me that on the occasion of my wedding to Harry, people took to the streets to celebrate as they did when they released Mandela from prison. '.

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HIERARCHY DISORDER - The mere fact of existing disrupted the royal hierarchy, says the Duchess. This is why the couple wanted to leave London. She wanted to make money so she wouldn't be criticized for spending the public money. She had proposed a hybrid model to the queen: official commitments and private trade agreements. 'But, for some reason, they didn't give it to us, while other royals do exactly that,' she still complains.

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L’INSULT (FALSE) AD ARCHIE - One of the most shocking accusations is directed at British tabloids who allegedly used the derogatory term “nigger” (“negro”) to define the firstborn Archie. In reality, no newspaper has ever published anything of the kind so it is not clear who the criticism refers to. The Duchess adds that her children could not go to school in Great Britain because accompanying them and catching them would become a slalom among the paparazzi. Still, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been doing it for years, without any problems. Archie also peeps out during the interview, asking his mother to hear his heartbeat with a toy stethoscope.

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THE VILLA OF MONTECITO - Meghan also reveals that the Montecito house cost over $ 14 million. At first they didn't even want to see it, because it was too expensive for their budget, she admits. But in the end they made up their minds and after only visiting the garden they realized it was the house of their dreams and bought it. The funds may have come from contracts with Netflix and Spotify.

INSTAGRAM E REALITY - Meghan confesses that she could return to Instagram, the platform she loved before being forced to withdraw from social media after her engagement with Harry. And she promises there will be surprises, especially on Netflix. The documentary they are preparing could be some kind of Kardashian-style reality show. But Meghan is very skilled in escaping, in not saying and creating expectation. Until the next interview.