Meghan Markle publishes the first Archetypes podcast. She is a flop and is slaughtered by criticism

The guest is Serena Williams but it is only the Duchess who speaks. Between digs at the royal family and revelations, such as the story of Archie's bedroom that caught fire during the tour of South Africa. And, surprisingly, Prince Harry also appears

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Meghan Markle, after many announcements, publishes the long-awaited Archetypes podcast: «In this audio, expect the real me, probably the one you have never known, certainly not in recent years when everything about me was told by the media. I am very excited, I can finally speak, without a filter ». Thus Meghan Markle presents the first episode two years after the signing of a 25 million euro contract with Spotify . It was expected, highly anticipated. The episode is titled L Ambiguity of ambition and has as a guest the tennis player Serena Williams, a great friend of Meghan. But of Serena and her incredible career, little is heard. Instead, the podcast is a Meghan show, according to critics a concentration of narcissism and petty revenge against those who made her suffer: the royal family. Photo | video

FIRE IN THE NURSERY - The first dig at the Windsors comes from the presentation of the episode. Meghan declares herself 'unfiltered' alluding to her London period when she, as a royal, she had no voice, she was prevented from speaking and having opinions. She even to defend herself. Now it's time to let off steam. And so she talks about the tour in South Africa in 2019, the last one before the Megxit. With the dukes there was also Archie, then 4 months. While the couple attended an event, an electric heater caught fire in the child's room. Only by chance Archie did not sleep in his bed, the babysitter had taken him to the kitchen for a snack before the nap. There were no smoke detectors in the residence, the Duchess points out, but the drone was immediately extinguished and no one was hurt. “We were all in tears, shaken. And what did they tell us to do? Go out for another official engagement. I said, it doesn't make sense, can't we just explain what happened? But we focused only on appearances, not on how we felt ». She is another jab at the real philosophy of duty first of all.

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AMBITION AS AN INSULT - It would be up to Serena Williams to talk about her ambition as she became number one in the world, but Meghan is irrepressible: «I never noticed the negative connotation of the word“ ambitious ”until I started dating my husband. And it seems that ambition is a really terrible thing for a woman. Since then I have felt its negativity ». Allusion to the British tabloids that often portray her as a social climber in pursuit of notoriety.
What is certain is that Meghan is famous only thanks to Harry. That is why she includes him in everything she does. Podcast included. At one point, the voice of the prince is heard, congratulating Serena on the new hairstyle and inviting her to visit them in Montecito.

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MASSACRATED BY CRITICISM - The podcast featured photo is a black and white Meghan, with a simple top, loose hair, and minimal makeup. Other popular images show a casual, inexpensive look. The Duchess would like to make herself accessible, a woman like many others. But her privileges prevent it. Critics (it must be said, almost all British) point this out. Meghan harangues from a pulpit, lectures, talks about double standards between men and women but she doesn't know prejudices. UK podcast reviews are a massacre. 'Boring, pretentious, narcissistic', the most used adjectives. The Daily Mail he is, as always, the most poisonous of all: 'An exhibitionism of arrogance, self-incensing and victimization' defines it. Even the Times he cuts him off without appeal: “The next episode will host Mariah Carey. Shoot me now, ”writes Hilary Rose. And again, from other newspapers: 'Completely absurd', 'Just another way to talk about yourself', 'She interviewed herself', 'Incredible that it took 28 people to produce this episode'. The American press was less malicious, it almost refrained from judging, while the podcast was appreciated and commented online.