Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini no longer hide: a couple was born

A fleeting first appearance at a basketball game. Then a romantic dinner, which ended late at night at her house. And now the third clue. Which, as Agatha Christie teaches, gives it a try

 satta-berrettini-derby Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini, smiles and complicity Photo Video

Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini no longer hide. After weeks of rumors and the first stolen images, they show themselves happy and smiling together. Sitting close together at the San Siro stadium, they chattered hard throughout the game. And if she, who has always been an Inter fan, is a regular visitor to the stadium, he's evidently only there to pair up with the former tissue. Given that the tennis player actually supports Fiorentina – photo | video

Melissa Satta, remote-controlled surfing with her son… without a life jacket Melissa Satta, remote-controlled surfing with her son… without a life jacket

Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini, the first sighting - guard

ALWAYS SPORTS – The first time Melissa Satta had been spotted with Matteo Berrettini at the Assago Forum, where they had attended an Olimpia Milano basketball match. Then they had been spotted in a Milanese restaurant, huddled together until late at night, when they had then moved to her house. But so far, only rumors. Now, here's the third clue that proves it, as Agtha Christie claims: they no longer hide at the San Siro stadium.

Melissa Satta and farewell to Mattia Rivetti: this is how things really went - guard

TEN YEARS OF DIFFERENCE – And so, here they are at the stadium to watch the Milan derby. Melissa Satta, 36, has long since closed her marriage to Kevin Prince Boateng, with whom she had her son Maddox. They had tried to get back together just for their son, but it hadn't gone very well. And also her relationship with Mattia Rivetti ended abruptly. Matteo Berrettini, 26, left his historic girlfriend ( guard ), had a very short fllirt with Paola Di Benedetto ( guard ): 'Then he disappeared', she says... Not only that: the tennis player was eliminated by Andy Murray in the first round of the Australian Open. His sporting achievements have not been worthy of his fame for some time now. And at this point there are those who whisper that he is distracted by love. Also because he himself in unsuspecting times had said that 'I was convinced I liked blondes and instead I find myself with a brunette'. In short, if they are roses they will flourish.

Kevin Prince Boateng windy his Melissa Satta: 'Non l'ho tradita io