Melissa Satta ended up with Mattia Rivetti: they broke up after two years of love

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, then the ex tissue girl surprisingly announced the breakup through her social channels. A few words to announce the farewell

 melissa-satta-mattia-rivetti-breakup-love-finished Melissa Satta and Mattia Rivetti, when love was booming Photo Video

The announcement came via social media like a bolt from the blue: Melissa Satta and Mattia Rivetti broke up after almost two years of relationship. This was announced by the former Velina herself, writing: 'After almost two years my relationship has come to an end'. Few words and no detail that can make us understand the reasons for the end of the story with the entrepreneur. – Photo | video

Melissa Satta, in a bikini between shells and fish thinking about her new boyfriend Mattia Rivetti. Watch the video Melissa Satta, in a bikini among shells and fish thinking about her new boyfriend Mattia Rivetti. Watch the video

Melissa Satta, when the story was booming: in Morocco with Mattia Rivetti and her son, Maddox - guard

EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE WELL - The last photo together is from 8 September and the shot shows them kissing in front of a romantic sunset in Sardinia. On the home island of Satta, the couple had spent the holidays together with Melissa's son, Maddox Boateng. The two met through Renzo Rosso and Arianna Alessi and continued their relationship with great discretion, except for a few shots of love for the showgirl's many followers.

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THE STORY OF LOVE – The relationship with Rivetti was made official in January 2022 and, guest of the Verissimo broadcast, Melissa had said: «He is a different person from those I met in the past, a not famous and very reserved boy, who gives me something totally different from the one that I have had so far. I'm very happy because growing up I realized I was looking for other things». But at the same time, in another interview, the 36-year-old had confessed that she was aware of 'how difficult it was to be with her' and had revealed a fear of being alone.

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PREVIOUS - In December 2020, Satta said goodbye to Boateng, with whom she went down the aisle in 2014. The two built an excellent relationship for the sake of their 8-year-old son Maddox. The former footballer got married to Valentina Fradegrada in June of this year.