Memo Remigi and the groping of Jessica Morlacchi: 'I apologize, I made a totally wrong gesture'

The singer-songwriter: “But I'm not a monster. I didn't call Jessica, she would have been intrusive of me, but now I'm telling her I'm mortified'

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Memo Remigi returns to talk about the live TV groping of Jessica Morlacchi, which cost him his dismissal from Rai. What she initially defined only as “a small package”, but on which she was able to rethink: “It was a horrendous gesture, but I'm not a monster. I didn't call Jessica, it would have been intrusive of me, but now I'm telling her I'm mortified.' Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Memo Remigi touches Jessica Morlacchi: the video of the controversy Memo Remigi touches Jessica Morlacchi: the video of the controversy

Memo Remigi and the accusation of harassment against Jessica Morlacchi: 'Just a small packet'. “I expected an apology

THE FACT - It is October 21st and the singer-songwriter slides his hand on the ex Gazosa's butt during the broadcast Today is another day , while the camera is framing Serena Bortone who speaks. However, the images in the background did not escape social networks, which put them online five days later. In the video, Jessica can also be seen moving his hand ( guard ). Soon Dagospy and Strip the news they raise. And the next day Serena fired Memo Remigi live: 'she is no longer part of our work group' ( guard ). To follow, the press release from Viale Mazzini: 'Rai has terminated the contract which provided for the participation of the artist Memo Remigi in the program 'Today is another day' broadcast on Rai1. Following behavior in violation of the Company's Code of Ethics, the Day Time Management had already decided last Saturday 22 October to suspend appearances in the broadcast that was communicated to the interested party. The Stable Commission for the Company's Code of Ethics confirmed the violation of the rules'.

Memo Remigi reaches out to Jessica Morlacchi: here's what happened - guard

EXCUSES - The singer-songwriter initially defines it as a 'small packet' of good luck. But now, after a torrent of criticism, he admits he was wrong. There was a rumor that he had also been hospitalized for tests. And al Corriere della Sera he says he feels a little better: “Of course what happened traumatized me a bit. A violent blow that I did not expect. And the way it unfolded, completely unexpected”. But he adds: “The gesture – albeit with a joking intent – ​​was totally wrong and shouldn't have been done. I apologized and I repeat it here. Sorry to Jessica Morlacchi, sorry to Serena Bortone, sorry to Rai. However, I didn't expect such a reaction and especially in these ways'.

Serena Bortone 'fires' Memo Remigi on live TV - guard

LIVE DISMISSAL - He also claims to have learned of the dismissal by listening to the live broadcast, even though an author had warned him in the previous days of the video that was circulating on Twitter, before the media uproar: “I know that video had 47 views. Then it was shown on Strip the news , finally taken over by Dagospy and the uproar broke out. I didn't know before the ruckus that I made Jessica uncomfortable. In my soul it was a joke between dear friends as we were. Otherwise I would have immediately apologized.' But if that video hadn't become public domain, it's also certain that nothing would have happened, because no Rai executive, he assures, had first shown up with him: 'I think it would have been right to call me and tell me: 'You did something stupid , we have to take action.' I don't even have anything written in my hand.

Memo Remigi and his version of events – guard

SERENA BORTONE AND I - As for Serena Bortone “she is a great professional, and I understand she should act like this. Humanly speaking, given our relationship, I was only sorry not to receive a phone call from you to clarify. I just have some bitterness because we have worked well for years. I would have preferred a phone call where she told me all sorts of things, but indifference hurts more ”. She did not call the singer, she admits it: “I made Jessica my public apology of course which I will never stop repeating, but I didn't feel like calling her. It would have been intrusive of me.' During these years, he assures him, he was bound to her by 'sincere affection' and he had written her a song. And again: “Jessica had helped me organize my birthday last May. We joked a lot. This is why I don't give up: I am so sorry that she felt offended. If I had noticed right away that day, I would have apologized immediately.' She had no idea that she might have some kind of awe towards him, because 'we were just big buddies.'

Memo Remigi: 'I cheated on my wife with Barbara d'Urso'. And the presenter's reply is poisonous – guard

I AM NOT A MONSTER - And now he wants to send a message to everyone: “Beware of jokes, beware of superficial gestures, there can be bad consequences and people's sensibilities can be hurt. My gesture is in itself horrendous and the annoyance, discomfort, anger of those who suffer it is sacrosanct. But given the strong confidence between us, maybe Jessica could tell me. But above all, I have often wondered these days how it was possible that a person like me – who for decades has represented grace and elegance – became a monster in one minute”. You believe you have suffered a 'media pillory', but you were not left alone: ​​'I said to myself: 'Will they think I'm a maniac ..? 'But no, many greeted me with affection. Having said all this, if there is a part of people who feel offended by what I have done, they must be respected. We need to contemplate everyone's sensitivity. And I still have to learn.' At the moment she rules out suing Rai, given that she has violated the code of ethics 'and I accept the consequences'. And despite having ended up in the media storm, he does not believe he is the victim of defamatory campaigns. So, he now he looks ahead and he's writing a book. And to Jessica he says: “I'm mortified. If there's anything I can do, I'm here.'