Micaela Ramazzotti: 'My love for Paolo Virzì, I'll tell you the ups and downs'

While in the cinema she is the courtesan who bewitched Caravaggio, for the first time Micaela speaks of her husband: «The luck of my life, a man who has made me feel loved for 16 years». And she says: «I lived for a long time in a bubble of fear and shyness. Now the judgment of others doesn't scare me anymore'

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For the first time, Micaela Ramazzotti talks about her marriage to the director Paolo Virzì: 'The luck of my life, a man who has made me feel loved for 16 years'. Here is our exclusive interview with the actress. With so many revelations – Photo | video

Micaela Ramazzotti, the backstage of the cover of Oggi at the newsstand Micaela Ramazzotti, the backstage of the cover of Oggi at the newsstand

Micaela Ramazzotti and Paolo Virzì are back together! In November they wanted to divorce, but now… guard

On her left foot she wears a slipper belonging to her son, on her right a shoe. Micaela Ramazzotti has been wandering around Rome for a few weeks and it is impossible, meeting her, not to think about her 'crooked' women, as she calls them. The vulnerable and bizarre creatures that she brings to the cinema, like Donatella from Pazza Gioia or Gemma from Gli anni più belli.
Micaela arrives with the slipper on our photo shoot, she broke her finger and it hurts. Her state of mind, on the other hand, couldn't be further from that human fragility that she loves to tell and that we will see again on the big screen, this time in a film by Michele Placido, The Shadow of Caravaggio. «A role that I immediately liked because I have loved Caravaggio (Riccardo Scamarcio in the film, ed) since the days of art school. I took him to maturity. He was a great artist who looked for beauty and grace everywhere, as happens to me too », says the actress, almost transfigured in the platinum blonde that lights up her face. «My character is Lena, her muse, a prostitute whom she loved and whom she portrayed for the Madonna dei Palafrenieri and the Madonna dei Pellegrini. The apostles are the homeless with whom Caravaggio slept because it was precisely among the last that he saw purity. And he was right: beauty is everywhere if you make an effort to look for it. She is not only made up of graceful features, she is soul, essence », enthuses Micaela who for the first time is acting in costume and with an international cast.

Another role poised between the abyss and survival. Where does your passion for those who are not equipped for life come from?
«As a child I dreamed of becoming a psychologist, who knows, maybe I have always been interested in the human soul. When I see a homeless person, or when I play a disastrous mother child, I'm interested in reconstructing what led that person to fall, to lose his mind. I feel an inclination to tell these women united by loneliness. Around them there is almost never a fall arrest net: there is no family, there are no friends, husbands... no one who extends a hand, only judgments and labels, 'that one is crazy, that one is on drugs'. Instead they are people who often start from a fragile base, from problematic parents. My Donatella's mother called her a fool and her father passed himself off as Gino Paoli.'

Micaela Ramazzotti and Paolo Virzì parents: cuddling competition with their children Jacopo and Anna – guard

How autobiographical is there in the suffering it represents?
«I have always lived with melancholy, I like it and it inspires me. I was a very lonely, very shy girl, and then an unpredictable teenager. I lived in the suburbs, in Axa, I took three buses to go to school in Rome, that journey was a wonderful adventure and when I arrived I was so excited to be in the city that I often didn't go to school. Well, I'm ashamed to say it, but I studied badly and I regret it, now maybe I would have a good foundation in Latin and Greek. At school then I suffered if they pranked a classmate, the candor of the victim moved me. I was skinny, all teeth, they called me 'surf' for the board physique. But my characters are not autobiographical, I'm more solid than I thought myself. One day I might treat myself to the time and get this degree in Psychology. For now I'm happy to go to Massimo, my psychotherapist. An inner journey, a self-discovery that I wish everyone. There should be a psychologist in all classes because every child in difficulty has the right to be helped, regardless of income. In mental health I see a social inequality that must be fought.

Returning to her: shy and lonely but determined girl. At 13 she was already working.
«Merit of the suburbs: I wanted to escape from there. Instead, when I sent my photo to Cicio, the newspaper with the photo novels I used to read, they summoned me for a photo shoot and I discovered that the set was almost under the house. A delusion. I shot many scenes at the Roberto bar, where I was with friends. A little revenge. And then they gave me 100,000 lire. I felt so guilty about earning well that with every salary I bought something for myself, a gift for Grandma Lina and one for my friends. I worked for three years for Cicio».

Cristiana Capotondi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Ilaria Spada, Sonia Lorenzini and the others: the sexy accidents parade on the red carpet in Venice! – guard

Then came the first film with Pupi Avati, with Verdone and the career took off. Why did she drop everything at 27 and go to London to be a waitress?
«With Avati, who later became my teacher, I only made an appearance, but it was beautiful because you could see me in full. The film was The Way of the Angels and he yelled at me that I didn't know how to do anything because I had to move my angel wings, pedal and play a pump but I got wrapped up. Other films came from there though. Then, 2006 was a complicated year: I felt like I couldn't take off and I needed money for the rent, I'd been living alone since I was 20, so I went to London. When I was there they looked for me for the audition of Don't make commitments tonight, I left everything and came back, I didn't know it was love calling me. My sliding door was waiting for me: Paolo's brother (Virzì, ed) noticed me and I was called for Whole life ahead, a prophetic title for me, like the rest of the others».

What happened?
«I didn't want to go to the audition with Paolo Virzì. I arrived with huge black glasses because I had just cried and he noticed. I said to myself: “But imagine if he takes me: he has chosen women like Bellucci and Ferilli, beautiful, with Renaissance windowsills, what am I going to do? He won't see me.' Instead I arrived, they auditioned me and then he came over and handed me the script: 'Sonia it's you', she said. I had a stroke, no one had chosen me like this, on trust ».

Micaela Ramazzotti and Paolo Virzì, kissing couple… under the eyes of Luciana Littizzetto – guard

Love at first sight, Dunke.
«Yes, then he confided it to me. And I too immediately fell in love with him because he moved me, I thought 'what an incredible man, what an artist'. And I was not wrong. Paolo is a great husband, a great father (together they have two children, Anna, 9 and Jacopo, 12, ed). He is the son of a carabiniere and was orphaned early, he has a very strong sense of responsibility towards the family. And he is a true artist: he draws, sings, plays guitar and piano. Maybe it has nothing to do with it, but he also cooks very well. Paolo is the luck of my life: I feel like a loved woman. It is an important sentiment that we have shared for 16 years».

Virzì director and Virzì husband. Who do you owe more to?
«Paolo gave me wonderful characters like Donatella and Anna, from The First Beautiful Thing. They stop me on the street for those roles. And after those movies, everyone called me. I owe him a lot as a director. And even more as a husband because he is a generous, sensitive man and together we have two wonderful children. The family is my compass, when I'm far away it gives me strength to think that I will go back to them ».

Micaela Ramazzotti and Paolo Virzì, after Jacopo the family expands – guard

Many couples from the show are leaving. From what point is the tear knotted again to resist the jolts of a crisis, as happened to you years ago?
“For me it is very important to understand if I am in connection with the people I love. When you get lost, you no longer hear them, you no longer know how they are, what they think. Perhaps we should never get to lose that deep communication, we need to try to do something first and retrace the path that that love story took together'.

He has just finished his first experience as a director: he wrote and directed the film Happiness. A challenge to itself?
«I wanted to dare, I was ready to put myself to the test. I felt a lot of strength in directing a troupe because I was able to decide, to make myself understood, to communicate and for me it wasn't obvious. It's like I've stepped out of a bubble of fear and shyness. I have to thank those who gave me this opportunity, the wonderful actors I've worked with and those who gave me the courage, including my husband. I needed to bring out this courage that stuck with me and makes me feel good. I think I have overcome the anxiety of the judgment of others: at 40 it is late but, as they say, better late than never».

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