Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato, after the difficult years the family expands: the fourth daughter Cielo is born

It is an even more joyful birth that of little Cielo, daughter of the singer and his wife. After dealing with Noah's illness, the two are finally smiling again

 Bublè – Lapillato_1920 Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato, after the difficult years the family expands: Cielo was born Photo Video

New arrival in the Bublé family: little Cielo was born, the fourth daughter of Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato. To announce it are the same new parents with a tender photo of a baby girl's foot. - Photo | video

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A MESSAGE OF LOVE - 'Life, light and her are born from love ... our little Sky Yoli Rose Bublé. With your 3.8 kg you have finally arrived in our lives ”, wrote the singer and his wife. “Thank god for this infinite blessing, we love you. Noah, Elias, Vida, mum and dad ”.

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AFTER THE DARK YEARS - 'We are trying to enjoy this pregnancy because it will most likely be the last,' said Bublé in an interview. And complicit in the decision were also the difficult moments lived with their son Noah, the couple's firstborn, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had decided to withdraw from the scene momentarily to be close to his child who is now 8 years old and is completely healed.

Michael Bublé, his son Noah is out of danger: “It's a divine blessing

WHAT A FAMILY - The couple announced the pregnancy in February 2022, showing Luisana's beautiful baby bump in the video clip dedicated to the single I’ll Never Not Love You , a tribute to their first meeting. In the video, the singer and his wife, model and actress, had recreated the scenes of some famous films, from Titanic to Love Actually and then found themselves in reality surrounded by their (then) three children and with Luisana with a big belly.

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