Michelle Hunziker, birthday party with many friends. And the daughter Aurora Ramazzotti in Rihanna version

The presenter and future grandmother celebrates an important milestone with a party with her family and many famous friends. There are Ilary Blasi, Serena Autieri, Nina Zilli, Nicola Savino and of course the daughter Aurora Ramazzotti with the beautiful belly in sight

 Michelle, Aurora 1920 Michelle Hunziker celebrated her 46th birthday in a dinner with her family and many famous friends Photo Video

Unfailing smile and energy: Michelle Hunziker celebrates 46 years with friends and family in a Milanese restaurant. Many famous people were present, as well as the daughter Aurora Ramazzotti who is ever closer to becoming a mother. The theme of the party is James Bond, so all in black and white, with many of the guests in 007 shoes. Dinner, dancing and a few songs dedicated to the birthday girl. – Photo | video 1 | video 2

Michelle Hunziker, the birthday party is wild Michelle Hunziker, the birthday party is wild

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A NOTE OF COLOR - While everyone strictly follows the dress code by opting for a black & white, Michelle decides to stand out with a shocking pink coat, one of this season's trendy colors. With the jacket removed, the presenter looks splendid as always in a black jacket-trousers suit, with a white shirt.

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ALMOST GRANDMA – To celebrate the presenter, all the women of the Hunziker/Trussardi household could not miss: from the mother Ineke to the daughters Sole and Celeste Trussardi and of course Aurora Ramazzotti. Her eldest daughter enthusiastically shows off her baby bump, through a perforated cardigan with a plunging neckline. The baby, a boy, is expected in a few months.

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AMONG THE GUESTS - Next to Michelle to toast, sing and dance are her closest friends: Serena Autieri, Ilary Blasi, who arrived directly from Rome for the occasion. But also Nina Zilli who, accompanied by Danti, sang for her. Then Nicola Savino, Alvin, Ernst Knam. Among the many presences the absence of Tomaso Trussardi is noted: after months in which there was talk of a rapprochement, it seems that the relationship between the two has really cooled off.

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