Migrants, new tragedy at sea: six died of hunger and thirst on a boat. Two are children

26 survivors landed in Pozzallo, many of them in extremely serious and burned conditions. Among the six victims, two children, a twelve year old and three adults. Yet another tragedy after the thirsty death of a Syrian girl stranded on a boat

 dead migrants 1920 Aid in Pozzallo. UNHCR: 'Unacceptable loss of human life' Video

Migrants, new tragedy of the sea: six people died on a boat bound for Europe. Two were children, one was only 12 and the other three were adults. The survivors landed in Pozzallo are 26, but many of them 'have extremely serious conditions, including burns.' - video

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THE STORY - They come from Syria, looking for a refuge. But the trip turned out to be hell: they drifted into the Mediterranean for several days before being intercepted by the Italian Coast Guard. As the UN High Commissioner for Refugees denounced, the conditions of those who were saved and who were rescued in Pozzallo are dramatic. Those who did not make it presumably died of hunger and thirst: two children, a twelve year old and three women: among them, the mother and grandmother of some children who were saved. According to UNHCR data, the victims among sea migrants in 2022 have thus become 1200.

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THE ALTRA TRAGEDY - For Claudia Cardoletti, UNHCR's representative in Italy, it is 'an unacceptable loss of life. Strengthening sea rescue is the only way to avoid these tragedies. ' The tragedy comes immediately after the death of little Loujin, the four-year-old Syrian girl who left Lebanon with her parents and her one and a half year old sister, who died of thirst on a boat blocked for days at sea.

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