Migrants, the Humanity 1 ship docks in Catania: 155 landed out of 179

Only the frail, women and children were taken off the ship. 24 adult migrants with no medical problems remain on board. The Viminale reaffirms the Government's position: 'the obligations of taking charge are the responsibility of the flag State of the ship'

 ++ Ong Humanity, in Catania landed in 155 out of 179 ++ Video

The ship Humanity 1 of the NGO 'Sos Humanity', carrying 179 shipwrecked people, docked in the port of Catania on the night between 5 and 6 November. After the health inspection to identify fragile women and children, envisaged by the new decree, 155 people were disembarked and about '24 male and adult castaways without medical problems were left on board'. video

Catania: NGO ships are waiting to disembark migrants Catania: NGO ships are waiting to disembark migrants

WHO HAS BEEN LANDED – “The first to land were minors and small children accompanied by their mothers. The checks are still ongoing, but Catania has not been assigned to us as a safe port,' explained Petra Krischok, spokeswoman for Sos Humanity, speaking to journalists on the Levante pier after the first migrants were let off the NGO ship. 'I'm not the captain, I don't decide - she added - but leaving the port of Catania if all the migrants on board the ship did not disembark would be illegal, because they are all refugees'.

TRANSFER TO THE CATANIA PALASPORT – At the port, in addition to Coast Guard personnel, there are also police forces, ambulances, civil protection volunteers and urban line buses, which have been used to transport the people disembarked towards the Palaspedini, the sports hall in the square You ship. «The structure - confirms Marco Romano of the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Catania - is ready to welcome all the guests present on Humanity 1. Even if the rumor that tomorrow other NGO ships should arrive in Catania takes shape, we will try to give the utmost in hospitality'.

PRO RIGHTS ACTIVIST - Not far away in the port, behind a banner reading #portiaperti, about thirty activists staged a protest under the slogan of 'all free and all free', demanding the immediate disembarkation of all the castaways. According to the new decree, in fact, the only ones who can disembark are fragile people, women and children. And from the Viminale they reaffirm the line adopted: 'people who have the requisites can disembark', but 'the others must return outside the territorial waters'.

THE MINISTER'S POSITION – The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, from Milan, underlines that Italy takes 'charge of what presents welfare and humanitarian problems', but, he explains, 'without derogating from the fact that the obligations to take charge to the flag State' and 'without failing in humanitarian obligations on which we will never back down'.

Source: oggi.it