Mike Tindall, the nephew of Elizabeth of England goes to the British Isle of Fame: from reality to reality

Zara Phillips' husband has signed a mind-boggling deal to fly to the Australian jungle. And everyone can't wait for the family secrets to be broadcast on live TV

 zara-phillips-tindall-sexy-645 Zara Phillips and husband Mike Tindall are the sexiest royals, according to the British Photo Video

«Royality TV», entitled the Sun that made the scoop. Mike Tindall, husband of Zara Phillips, nephew of the late Queen Elizabeth, will be the first royal to attend I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! , the equivalent of our Island of the Famous – Photo | video

Meghan Markle and Harry of England, Mike Tindall snubs them like this Meghan Markle and Harry of England, Mike Tindall snubs them like this

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, the third son Lucas is (already) a real show - guard

THE GREAT STROKE OF REALITY – An exceptional coup for the ITV show which every year broadcasts the most loved reality show by the British. The contract signed with Tindall is top secret, but the fee must be exceptional given the caliber of the character. Zara's husband, a former rugby player, belongs to the inner circle of royalty, he was present in every important moment of the monarchy in the last ten years. He accompanied his wife to the queen's funeral, he was at her side on the most intimate occasions after the death of the sovereign. He will certainly be discreet and will not spill family secrets, but it will be worth watching the program just for his presence, with the hope that something will escape him, perhaps cousins ​​William and Harry. In his podcast, The good, the bad & the rugby , Tindall had said that his wife Zara (with whom he has 3 children), loved the queen beyond all things and that the family was truly impressed by all the affection received.

Zara Phillips, how drunk without her Mike! – guard

ALL IN AUSTRALIA – Tindall will join other celebrities such as Boy George, comedian Seann Walsh and DJ Chris Moyles. The rest of the cast will be revealed shortly before the start of the reality show, in mid-November. Participants will be transported to the Australian jungle and will have to undergo sometimes extreme tests to be able to stay in the game. Mike and Zara are not working royals and therefore support themselves independently (even if they live in Gatcombe Park , royal residence of her mother, Princess Anne). For this reason, the former rugby player was able to accept the offer. But it is inevitable to think that if the queen were still alive she might have declined.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall… And in the end the serene returned – guard

ROYALTY AND TV – It is not the first time that a royal has participated in a televised game show. The former consists of It’s a royal knockout , a sort of Games Without Frontiers, filmed in Great Britain in 1987. Strongly desired by Prince Edward, who aspired to become a TV producer, it saw the participation of Edoardo himself and his brothers Andrea and Anna, with also Sarah Ferguson (then wife of Andrew). The four were dressed in ridiculous period clothes and were the captains of their respective teams. The queen and her husband Philip had not approved the project and neither Charles nor Diana had agreed to participate. The result had not wowed and had attracted criticism from the press, but the program had been watched by 400 million people worldwide.

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