Miriana Trevisan, the wild party full of VIPs for her 50th birthday

The celebrations in Rome, with the closest friends present, the ex-husband Pago and the 13-year-old son, Nicola. A life on TV from 'Non è la Rai' to 'Big Brother Vip'. And speaking of “Big Brother”…

 miriana-trevisan-party-50-years Miriana Trevisan at her 50th birthday party. With her, her ex-husband Pago and her 13-year-old son Nicola Photo Video

Congratulations Miriana Trevisan! The showgirl has just turned 50 (exactly on November 7) and wanted to celebrate with a superparty attended by her ex-husband Pago and her 13-year-old son, Nicola. The closest friends, the 'colleagues' of It's not Rai and  those of Big Brother VIP. That's who was there - Photo | video

Miriana Trevisan, the wild party full of VIPs for her 50th birthday Miriana Trevisan, the wild party full of VIPs for her 50th birthday

Miriana Trevisan: do you remember her when she was on Non è la Rai – guard

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PHOTO – The most beautiful photo, the most beautiful moment, is when Miriana poses in a splendid, and shining, red dress that is well suited to a celebration. Miriana is embraced by her son and her ex-husband. His son Nicola also looks like a little clone of his father, as they are both dressed in a white shirt and jacket. And it is always admirable to see an ex couple smiling and able to rediscover friendship after the end of the story (it was 2013; during their love Pago had dedicated the song to her I'm talking about you) . Also because there had been a bit of a storm between them.

Miriana Trevisan: “My husband and I are in crisis

FROM STEFANIA ORLANDO TO LAURA FREDDI – Many guests ready to sing them Happy Birthday , there were Stefania Orlando, Laura Freddi, Giucas Casella, Beppe Convertini, the new very important friend Manila Nazzaro (the friendship was born during the Gf) and the Selassie sisters were also there, surprisingly. All in Ponte Milvio, in a Japanese restaurant, between heart-shaped balloons and those with the inevitable golden number 5 and o. In addition, the guests were amazed by a juggler who joked with fire and the ever-present multi-level cake.

A VERY LONG CAREER – Miriana, who appeared dazzling, has a very long career behind her, started in 1991 to It's not Rai , was tissue blackberry a Strip the News (1994-1995), joined Corrado, and participated in two reality shows, The Island of the Famous and VIP Big Brother. He has also written an acclaimed book, The bonsai woman.

Miriana Trevisan: “Me, Corrado, Salvini and…lady Oscar

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