Missile rain on Kiev. Martial law in the regions annexed by Russia

Missiles on Kiev and on a thermal power plant. Putin introduces martial law in the annexed regions and does not rule out extending it to the whole country. In Kherson 7,000 people evacuated. In Ukraine from today rationed electricity

  Several explosions hit the Ukrainian capital Kyiv Kiev is still in the crosshairs of attacks from Moscow Photo Video

Rain of missiles on Kiev and on a thermal power plant in the south-east of the country. Kherson's pro-Russians demand the evacuation of 7,000 people and Moscow announces: 'Five million Ukrainian refugees in Russia'. Vladimir Putin halts the mobilization of reservists and introduces martial law in the annexed regions, which could extend to the whole country. As winter approaches, Ukraine begins electricity rationing today. Ayatollah Khamenei: 'Our drones bring honor to Iran.' After the broadcast of Silvio Berlusconi's audio on the conflict, comes the soothing reply from Washington: “We respect the democratic choice of the Italian people. We are ready and eager to work with the Italian government”. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Kiev, the song of the Ukrainian refugees in the subway after the Russian attacks Kiev, the song of the Ukrainian refugees in the subway after the Russian attacks

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

RATIONATED ENERGY - Electricity rationing begins today across Ukraine. This was announced yesterday evening by Kyrylo Timoshenko, speaking of 'restrictions on the supply of electricity', inviting the population to 'minimize consumption' and stating that, otherwise, there will be 'temporary cuts' in supplies. A huge problem at the gates of winter. In the meantime, the Russian attacks do not stop. Also yesterday, as the mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko denounced, 'several Russian missiles' rained down on the capital, ending up being shot down by air defense batteries. The Kharkiv Regional Council's Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine claims on Facebook that the Kremlin fired on ambulances in the Dvorichna community: 'The enemy continues to terrorize civilians in the liberated areas of Kharkiv with rocket attacks. In today's bombing of the Dvorichna district, three vehicles specialized in emergency medical services were seriously damaged, some employees of the Emergency Service were injured'. And the rockets also hit the Burshtynskaya TPP thermal power plant in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, causing a fire. Says the head of the regional administration Svitlana Onyshchuk: 'All services are working, rescuers are on site.' There would be no casualties.

In Vladimir Putin's head, this is how the 'tsar' who invaded Ukraine thinks - guard

KHERSON EVACUATA - The pro-Russian authorities of Donetsk have removed the monument to Ukrainian victims of Stalin's famine in Mariupol: 'We are not eliminating a memorial, we are getting rid of a symbol of the political disinformation of the population, especially of our youth'. And again: 'the stones will be recycled into building material'. Thousands of people have already been evacuated in Kherson. He supports her, speaking to the Tass , Vladimir Saldo, appointed by Moscow acting governor of the region: 'According to my calculations, over 7 thousand people have already left'. Everything would have happened “in an orderly manner”. The plan provides for the transfer of civilians from the right to the left bank of the Dnipro river, in the face of the advance of the Ukrainian army. From Moscow, the secretary of the Security Council, Nikolaj Patrushev, makes it known: 'Around five million residents of Donbass and the south-eastern regions of Ukraine have found refuge in Russia'.

The Times: 'Putin wants a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine' - guard

MARTIAL LAW - But the real news, for those who have remained in the four regions annexed to Russia, is the decree by Vladimir Putin which introduces martial law. A provision that could be extended to the entire country 'if necessary'. The spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, specifies a Ria Novosti that there is no intention to close the Russian borders. However, Putin has decided to limit movements in and out of the eight southern regions bordering Ukraine: Krasnodar, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk and Rostov and the territories of Crimea and Sevastopol, as reported by the Guardian . He also instructed the government to draft a decree on the establishment of a special coordination council 'under the Council of Ministers' to 'meet the needs that emerged during the special military operation'. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, is keen to reassure citizens that in the capital 'no restrictions are currently imposed on the normal rhythm of city life'. He then he announces: “Estimated Muscovites. When the mayor writes, he does it to give good news. The partial mobilization is over, at least and for now only in the capital. Not in the next few days, but immediately”. The Russians who have received the precept cards 'ceasing theirs with immediate effect'. The mobilization of the reservists, which had aroused so much controversy by triggering a mass flight, is in short finished. But the introduction of martial law in the annexed regions triggered an immediate reaction from Kiev. In a note, the foreign ministry underlines how Putin's decree has the purpose 'to repress the resistance of the inhabitants of the Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts who oppose the Russian occupation. Putin's decree is null and void. It has no legal value for Ukraine and its citizens, as well as for the international community'. Western partners are therefore invited to condemn Russian attempts to 'deprive residents of the temporarily occupied territories of basic human rights, and to condemn the illegal plans to legalize looting, forced deportations and mobilisations'. The reply from Washington is ready, where a senior official of the Biden Administration declares to the Cnn that martial law is now 'a desperate tactic' to try to control the territory.

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ARMS RACE - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to act as a mediator and during a phone call with Voldymyr Zelensky he said he was 'ready to make any contribution necessary to end the war through negotiations'. But everything seems to lead in the other direction. Poland has in fact signed an agreement with South Korea for the purchase of 288 multiple rocket launchers for a defensive purpose: Warsaw had already purchased from Seoul, in recent months, tanks, howitzers and fighter planes for billions of dollars. On the other front, after the announcement of possible European and American measures against Tehran for the sale of kamikaze drones to Moscow, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei shows up. He writes the supreme leader of Iran on Twitter: “A few years ago, when images of advanced missiles and drones were published, they said they were modified with photoshop. Now they say Iranian drones are dangerous and ask why we sell them to this or that. These feats were accomplished by Iranian elites, they bring honor to our country.”

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THE WORDS OF SILVIO BERLUSCONI – After the release of Silvio Berlusconi's audio on the origin of the Ukrainian conflict and his renewed relations with Vladimir Putin, the President of the European Council Charles Michel said: 'I am not commenting on the comments. The EU's position is clear: we support Ukraine, we condemn Russia and we do not accept an unjustified war. We will work and cooperate with all governments, including the Italian government, based on respect for democratic institutions'. Finally, from Washington, a spokesman for the State Department sends soothing signals through the Handle : “We respect the democratic choice of the Italian people. We are ready and eager to work with the Italian government, as it forms through the constitutional process, to advance our many shared goals and mutual interests, including our commitment to the transatlantic alliance.'

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