Moby Prince, the parliamentary commission of inquiry: 'It was a third ship that caused the accident'

Shocking conclusion of the work of the second parliamentary commission of inquiry into the disaster in which 140 people died: 'The impact of the Navarma ferry with the Agip oil tanker was caused by a maneuver to avoid a fishing boat'

 Moby Prince: relatives, government fall give for truth Only one person was saved from the Moby Prince stake on April 10, 1991

Moby Prince, the conclusion of the work of the second parliamentary commission of inquiry into the Livorno accident of 1991 is sensational: 'The Navarma ferry found itself in front of a Somali offshore fishing boat and was forced to a dramatic maneuver, ending up against the Agip Abruzzo oil tanker '.

THE FACTS - According to what was reconstructed, therefore, there was a third ship in the port on 10 April 1991. The ferry that had just left to reach Olbia struck at 22.03 against the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo, which had the lights off and was wrapped in a cloud of smoke due to a breakdown. 140 of the 141 people on board the ferry died in the fire. But now it emerges that it was not the fog that favored the impact, nor a bomb, let alone the inexperience of the crew: it would have been the risky maneuver of a fishing boat. Andrea Romano, deputy of the Democratic Party and president of the commission, explains to Corriere della Sera: “The engineers of the Cetena of Genoa, the main Italian naval engineering company specialized in simulations, demonstrated this scientifically. We have provided them with all the technical data in our possession, from the weather situation that night to the technical reports of the engine, from the chemical analyzes and the position of the ships in that stretch of sea in front of Livorno. The final work does not give rise to doubts: only a third vessel could have caused the disaster by parading to starboard of the Moby Prince while the ferry was near the oil tanker Agip Abruzzo which at that moment had the lights off, was surrounded by a cloud of steam and was in a no-anchoring area '.

THE THIRD SHIP - But where is this third ship? No one has ever identified it and the commission, due to the end of the legislature, had to interrupt the investigations on 21 Oktoobar II, a former Italian-built deep-sea fishing vessel flying the Somali flag owned by the Shifco shipping company of Mogadishu, transformed into humanitarian transport ship but later involved in an investigation into the illegal transport of weapons of war. It is known that that evening he was in Livorno 'for repairs following an alleged collision which took place on 23 January 1991 in the harbor of the Port of Stone Town (Zanzibar)' with the Cusmaan Geedi, a ship of the same owner of which he is not Documentation was found. The presence of other boats is not excluded. The commission also speaks of an 'opaque' compartment on the part of Eni. And Romano adds: 'We were unable to obtain from Eni the internal investigation file of the accident which would certainly give other decisive elements'. However, 'we answered clearly and neatly to the main question: what happened that night and why Moby went up against Agip Abruzzo. And the answer is only one: a third ship caused the disaster. Too bad that the early termination of the legislature prevented us from identifying this boat with certainty. There are still clues and leads to be investigated and we hope that the Livorno prosecutor, which has reopened the investigation, will reach a certain conclusion ”.