Monkey pox: 52 infections in one week. He investigates the Italian who died in Cuba

According to the Cuban authorities, the 50-year-old tourist contracted the virus: he arrived on the island on August 15. If the diagnosis were confirmed it would be the first Italian victim

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There are 52 infected with monkeypox detected in Italy in the last week. The total number rises to 714, according to what was communicated by the Ministry of Health. Of these, 190 infections are linked to travel abroad. The average age stands at 37 years, while the preponderance of the male sex is confirmed: 704 infected men, only 10 women. Lombardy is the region with the highest number of cases (308), followed by Lazio (128) and Emilia Romagna (73).

CARABINIERE A SCORZÈ - Meanwhile, an investigation is being made of the death in Cuba of Germano Mancini, 50, a native of Pescara, commander of the Carabinieri of Scorzè (Venice), who had been on the Caribbean island since 15 August. According to Cuban health authorities, Mancini died after contracting monkeypox. If the ongoing epidemiological investigation were confirmed, it would be the first Italian victim of the virus. 'The autopsy report - reads a note - carried out at the Institute of Forensic Medicine concludes that the death was caused by sepsis due to bronchopneumonia with an undetermined germ and damage to several organs'. The Italian was staying in a rented house, was hospitalized on August 18 and died on the 21st.