Morgan enters politics: “Vittorio Sgarbi has many proposals. Our first decree will be to abolish the trap'

“I'm joking, but it would be wonderful,” says the singer-songwriter Marco Castoldi, called by the new Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture to work in a department dedicated to music. “Enrico Letta would never have called me, but this is because the left doesn't have an iota of an idea”

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“Culture is super partes”. To say it is Marco Castoldi, or better known as Morgan. The singer-songwriter is at the center of the scene because the new Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, has said he wants to entrust him with an ad hoc department dedicated to music. A call to arms that Castoldi can't wait to accept, as he recounts in an interview with Corriere della Sera and during the radio program Un giorno da sheep. – Photo | video

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MUTUAL RESPECT – “I have been discussing the topic of culture with him for more than twenty years, and he, like me, is convinced that music has a decisive role. A bright vision like his was needed to put this actually very simple project to good use: to promote a cultural renaissance through all that undervalued heritage that we have and which instead must be promoted ”. Morgan comments, telling how he wasn't entirely surprised by Sgarbi's proposal. And in particular congratulating the premier Giorgia Meloni for having chosen Vittorio for this role: “To put Sgarbi where he has been placed you also need great intelligence, it was a wonderful move. Because he will be good not only for government sympathizers, but for everyone.'

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A RIGHT THING (OR NOT?) – The singer-songwriter has no problem being associated with the current government because, he says, culture has no parts: “Is Vasco Rossi from the right or from the left? Was Beethoven of the right or of the left? Art belongs to all human beings. I don't make choices for ideology but for an ideal of beauty and I want to say that I am not a politician, but a showman who will continue to make shows and I don't even want to hear about conflict of interest because the scene is for those who are there can go. I'm not doing politics, but culture”. And he adds: “I am not aligned, I am a libertarian which means anarchist. If they leave me free to act, what we dream of could come true this time”.

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MEANWHILE VITTORIO – The new Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture explains his choice to Barbara Palombelli on Stasera Italia, broadcast on Retequattro: 'Morgan was very generous and every time I thought of making a political list, Renaissance, I thought of nominating him but I always had strong opposition; I wanted to bring him to Verona as councilor for culture, he is very close to Meloni, but Sboarina didn't want it and lost the elections. I think Morgan is a winner and it is because he has imagination, intelligence, passion and generosity of course it is not simple it is not above all obvious, so people who want an orderly harmony consider it dangerous ”.