Morgan: “My father waved at me and committed suicide. Asia Argento? I still love her'

The indebted father took his own life when the longtime Xfactor judge was 15 years old. The economic difficulties, the nights spent at the piano bar to pay for the house, the lost year of high school. And then in great love and parting with Asia. His dream? That the three daughters of two different companions can be found at least once.

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Morgan opens her heart and confesses on Father's Day. He tells of the drama experienced by his father's suicide when he was 15, of the still alive love for Asia Argento, of his desire that at least her three daughters can find each other as sisters. He is the words of a tormented man and of an artist who is about to return to Rai TV with four evenings dedicated to music. The program will be called StraMorgan. 'And it will be a real public service,' he says. «We will have young musicians and great guests. We will show that light music does not evaporate; it's something that makes you fly'. photo | video

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THE SUICIDE FATHER – Morgan sulle page of the Corriere della Sera he recalls his father who was experiencing what «today they would call a depressive crisis. He was an intelligent, sensitive man... he gave me a passion for music », says the artist. His father was a carpenter - Morgan calls him 'my Geppetto', and got into debt when he was 46, Morgan was then 15 and his sister Roberta 16. 'That morning dad came to the window and waved goodbye to us' continues the historic Xfactor judge. “It wasn't his habit, and it struck me. They found him in the Monza park. In his pocket he had a ticket from a musical instrument shop: he had gone to inquire about the cost of a Korg drum kit for me ».

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SINGER TO PAY THE HOUSE - His father's death marks him deeply, but we have to «come to terms with the life that went on. We needed money to pay off the mortgage on the house. Our mother was a retired baby teacher; she took out her strength, she started working again, she sold clothes around Italy. My sister went to be a waitress, and she got three college degrees. I went to play in piano bars, and I became what you know». A choice that made him lose the year in high school: «I played until 4 in the morning; then in the morning I would fall asleep on the bench. I was rejected. But I was earning 4 million lire a month, 4 thousand euros today. Between me, my mother and my sister we paid for the house».

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A GREAT LOVE - The meeting with Asia Argento took place through Enrico Ghezzi al Bellaria Film Festival . And from there a long story of seven years and the first daughter Anna Lou. Then the breakup «Because she left me. I've never stopped loving her, because when a man loves it's forever. It's the women who leave us.' Morgan almost launches an appeal to the Ex, not for herself but for her three daughters (after Anna Lou she also had Lara, 10, and Maria Eco, 3): «All three of them have never met together. Is my dream'.

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