Murder Lidia Macchi, Stefano Binda compensated with 303 thousand euros for the 1,300 days in an innocent cell

Finished in the investigation almost 30 years after the murder of the young woman killed in Cittiglio, he spent 1286 days in prison. In January 2021 he was definitively acquitted. He had asked for 350,000 euros in damages

  Process hearing for the'omicidio della studentessa Lidia Macchi Stefano Binda at the time of the trial: his troubles began with an anonymous letter Photo

Lidia Macchi, Stefano Binda's former schoolmate, unjustly accused of being his murderer, will be compensated with 303,000 euros. This was established by the Court of Appeal of Milan, counting the damages suffered for the 3 and a half years that the man spent in prison - Photo

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Lidia Macchi crime: the contradictions of Stefano Binda, the DNA, the expert reports... Mysteries and doubts about the yellow reopened after 30 years - guard

THE CASE - We are talking about one of the best known Italian coldcases. Lidia Macchi disappeared into thin air on January 5, 1987, after having been to the hospital in Cittiglio, Varese, to visit a friend. Three friends found her two days later: the car was with the door open and the warning light on. The corpse nearby, wearing the pantyhose inside out, as if she had been clothed. There were organic traces on her body. The investigations soon stalled, especially after four people who had undergone the new DNA test were found to be unrelated to the crime. In 2000, then, much of the crime scene exhibits were destroyed. The case was reopened for the first time with the investigation against Giuseppe Piccolomo, already in prison for the murder of Carla Molinari. Even his daughters accused him and he resembled the sketch of a man who had attacked four women in the parking lot of the Cittiglio hospital one and two days before the crime. But the DNA, compared to a flap of Lidia's jacket and the flap of the anonymous letter that arrived on the day of her funeral, exonerated him.

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THE LETTER - In 2016, however, Stefano Binda ended up in trouble. All because of an anonymous letter sent to Lidia Macchi's family on January 9, 1987, on the day of her funeral, four days after her murder. In the letter, entitled 'In the death of a friend' a psychotherapist consultant to the prosecution saw several references to the crime, including a rape. And a calligraphic expertise believed the author to be Stefano, a former schoolmate of Lidia and a frequent visitor of the same group of Communion and Liberation. A conclusion that immediately perplexed: first, because the letter was written in capital letters. Second, because the DNA on the flap of the envelope of the anonymous letter did not belong to the suspect. But that was enough to bring him in handcuffs anyway.

The previous twist on the case: the investigation into Giuseppe Piccolomo, cleared of DNA guard

COMPENSATION - In the first instance, on the basis of mere evidence, they gave him a life sentence. But first the appeal and then the Cassation acquitted him. The sentence became final in January 2021. His lawyers, Patrizia Esposito and Sergio Martelli, for the 1,286 days spent in prison, had asked for compensation for unjust detention of 350 thousand euros, including the 'intra-family' damage, i.e. due to the absence of the man from the house where he lives with his mother and sister. He requested the latter, but it was rejected. They gave him 303 thousand euros. Esposito explains: “Stefano accepted the news impassively, as always”. The man continues to live in the village of Brebbia and is involved in volunteering with various associations of Lake Maggiore.

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