Murder Saman, killed by a kiss. Of her Her life of beatings and escapes of her before her death

The words that the young Pakistani woman entrusted to the carabinieri emerge: 'Even if he wasn't drunk, he beat me because I told him I didn't want to get married'

  top-down Saman Abbas, killed by her family and never found

The short life of Saman Abbas, the Pakistani girl whose face we all know from that photo in which she has full lips with a drizzle of lipstick and a much brighter red band, can be rewinded, understood from her detailed story to the carabinieri , and now contained in an order of the Review. Saman has disappeared in the night between 30 April and 1 May 2021 in Novellara (Reggio Emilia) and to date it has never been found. This is his story, reported by Corriere della Sera , in which he talks about his father's beatings, his denied desire to be able to study in high school, his escapes from his family. An involuntary diary, he said those who read it. The anticipated film of his death.

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THE JOURNEY TO PAKISTAN - 'A year ago, on November 17, 2019, I went to Pakistan with my father and mother to stay there until February 14, 2020. On December 31, my 29-year-old cousin got engaged and the wedding was planned on December 22, 2020. As soon as I learned to my father that he wanted me to marry my cousin, I said that I didn't want to do it, both because he was too old and because I didn't like him... And he hit me». A family odyssey, since she was a little girl, which she tried to escape by asking for help from the social services of Novellara, fleeing to Belgium in the summer of 2019, denouncing her father on April 22, 2021 because she had confiscated her identity documents she. The story to the carabinieri dates back to February 3, 2021. Saman is 18 years old and a love Ayub Saqib, 23, 'met on Tiktok'.

THE ROLE OF THE MOTHER - 'I insisted with my mother: 'Come on, you're a mother, he's too old for me, he also doesn't want to marry me...'' But the mother never did anything. “My father's reactions were physically violent. He used to beat me. Once, about five months ago, he threw a knife in my direction, he didn't hit me but my little brother, who was wounded in the hand. Although he was losing a lot of blood and I had said I wanted to take him to the emergency room, our father said it was not possible and closed the door. My mother was also present, but she didn't say or do anything...'.

THE REPENT BROTHER – Said Saman's little brother instead, today a guest of a protected community, to the carabinieri: “My uncle looked bad at my sister, and he is one who beats and kills. She had already escaped twice, and in our religion that is a big mistake. I'm afraid of him , I thought of killing him while he was sleeping since he had killed my sister”. And in a conversation with his mother (who speaks of himself in the third person): 'It's not that you don't know about her either, forced what happened happened, you know it too, my son, you're not a child, you're young too and understand all things.” To add. “T”Think of all the things, the messages you used to listen to us early in the morning, think about those messages, think and then say if your parents are wrong”. “Now I regret it, because I said,” he replied.

THE PARENTS FLE AWAY – Today the parents S Habbar e Shaheen they live in pakistan. An extradition warrant is pending over them, but Pakistan has not yet given its consent. An honor killing: “ I'm already dead, I killed her, I killed her for my dignity and my honour. We killed her ”, he had come out of the interceptions. The trigger, had been the photo of a kiss in the street posted Saman on Instagram. What in Italy is banality.