Murder Willy Monteiro, the reasons for the sentence: 'Blind fury from the Bianchi brothers'

According to the Court of Assizes of Frosinone which sentenced Marco and Gabriele Bianchi to life imprisonment, the two brothers killed with an action 'with a phalanx, front kick to poor Willy with martial arts technique'

  willy-sentences-life-sentence-white-brothers The Bianchi brothers sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Willy Monteiro Video

Willy Monteiro was killed at the age of just 21, beaten to death in September 2020 in Colleferro, in the province of Rome, by a 'blind fury completely out of context and useless'. And it was voluntary homicide because the brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, together with their friends Francesco Belleggia and Mario Pincarelli, accepted the risk that the young man could die. The judges of the Court of Assizes of Frosinone write it, in the reasons for the sentence that condemned Willy's four attackers in the first instance. video

Murder Willy Monteiro, the life sentence of the Bianchi brothers Murder Willy Monteiro, the life sentence of the Bianchi brothers

Willy Monteiro murder, life imprisonment for Gabriele and Marco Bianchi. The other defendants sentenced to 21 and 23 years – guard

HISTORY - Willy, an Italian of Cape Verdean origins, was killed by the herd for trying to help a friend in need. Samuele Cenciarelli, who was with him that night, recounted the brutality of the attack in the courtroom: “When I saw Willy's first kick, I went to help him, but they rejected me. I saw them rage all four. I try to forget that horrible feeling, but I can't. I can live with the pain, but I can't forget. I have never seen signs of repentance on the faces of the Bianchi brothers. Willy was an example of courage and friendship. He saved my life. His gesture in favor of a friend must not be forgotten ”. The Bianchi brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment. Francesco Beleggia and Mario Pincarelli will have to serve respectively at 23 and 21 years of age.

TERRITORIAL PREDOMINANCE - In 64 pages, the judges now recount the aggression as an initiative aimed at 'affirming the 'dominance and supremacy' of some 'within their territorial ambit through the brutal use of physical violence'. And they reject the hypothesis that the texts were conditioned by the media clamor of the story. On the contrary: “Exactly the opposite of a scene projected in a cinema hall to spectators seated in comfortable armchairs occurred. In fact, a convulsive, violent, very rapid, mobile action has been generated…”. In the magnifying glass the protagonism of the two Bianchi brothers and the lethal kick delivered 'using both limbs as a spring and using a pole as a lever'. And again: 'Images of animals in agony were found on their cellphones, images in which reference is made to Scampia and a gunshot is mimicked'. Not only. By violating the rules of MMA, the mixed martial arts that the two brothers practiced, they accepted the risk of murder. In particular, Gabriele, identified as primarily responsible for the 21-year-old's death, 'initiated the beating of Willy by hitting him with a front kick with a martial arts technique, but also that he attacked him while he was on the ground'. If Gabriele's defensive line was 'to stubbornly deny the truthfulness of what all the witnesses reaffirmed', in the reconstruction of the crime by the judges the four attackers 'grew together in a phalanx and advanced synchronously, impacting the poor man Willy'. As for Marco, his active role is underlined: 'The fact that he himself is responsible for neutralizing Cenciarelli with a kick who, as has been said several times, was intervening to protect Willy' is not without significance.