Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli, wedding in sight: 'We will get married in Pantelleria'

The TV presenter and the former blue are experiencing love in mature age with wonder, which started with a sprint: '48 hours after the first appointment I moved to Rome to be close to her'

  myrta-merlino-marco-tardelli Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli. photo story of a love one step away from the altar Photo Video

He who 48 hours after the first appointment changes city just to be able to get closer. She who said: 'I want to stay with him until the end, not like Romina and Albano'. Marco Tardelli, the most famous scream of Italian football, and the lady of TV lounges Myrta Merlino spoke of their love in a long interview with Corriere della Sera. And they frankly explained the reasons that drove them into each other's arms. Tardelli's is a full-blown declaration of love: I'm fine with Myrta, we share everything, even if she makes me angry because she's always on the phone. But she is intelligent, she is beautiful. Do you know the drama of looking for another?' Merlino instead tells; «I had two husbands, I had children with the first and the second, but the feeling of saying 'I've found my home, that's all I want' I had never experienced. I am restless, intolerant, but with Marco I feel that I have arrived. Even if it's not that he doesn't have his rigidity: he's very black or white, I struggle to always stay on his track. But I too am full of defects'.- Photo | video

Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli, kissing in the dressing room… Watch the private video Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli, kissing in the dressing room… Watch the private video

Myrta Merlino speaks: “After five years of love, Marco Tardelli and I are going to live together

THE BIG BET – Even if today the exuberant part of the couple is that of Myrta, At the beginning of their story it was Bearzot's Italy midfielder who kept his foot on the accelerator, who had every intention of pressing and bringing home the result: «After the first appointment, in 48 hours I moved from Milan to Rome. She wanted to dissuade me, but I replied: 'I'm coming, you do as you like'». I was 47, he was 61, we were structured people, with a life behind us, with houses, children, habits... It was difficult to dismantle everything suddenly and he did it. I, on the other hand, had a thousand fears, but courage is contagious'.

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THE BLESSING OF THE SEGRE – Myrta Merlino also told an unpublished background: having to meet her for work, Myrta Merlino took the opportunity to introduce Marco Tardelli to Liliana Segre. An exam passed with flying colours. «He told Me: Myrta don't miss it. I asked why and she: I know how to recognize a look of love and this is so strong and transparent that I have rarely seen it in my life. To which, Marco, astutely, asked how my gaze was». Finally, when asked about the 100 guns, the couple's answer was clear: «We'll get married, : «In Pantelleria, where Marco has a dammuso which is our refuge. But when the children are okay and we can decide without bothering anyone'