Natalia Estrada and her first 50 years: 'Enough with the TV, today I live between ranch and horses'

The former Spanish soubrette (and actress) crosses the milestone of half a century. Her very young grandmother (twice), she divides her time between Piedmont and the United States, where she runs a ranch together with her partner Andrea Mischianti

 natalia-estrada-cavallo-1920 Natalia Estrada, do you remember her when she was like this? Photo

Natalia Estrada has just turned 50. The TV icon of the nineties, who made Italians dream at the cinema with The cyclone , she is already the grandmother of two grandchildren. But she has completely changed her life: no more TV, no more movies. With her partner Andrea 'Drew' Mischianti, she divides her time between Piedmont and the United States, to manage their Ranch Academy and pursue her passion: horses - Photo

Giorgio Mastrota and Natalia Estrada are (very young) grandparents! Marlo was born, son of Natalia jr - guard

MANY LIVES - Speaking to the Corriere della Sera , the former showgirl and actress, tells herself this way: 'I often say that I have lived different lives, many pages of a book divided into chapters: from classical dance to TV, from horses and life in the countryside to the breeding of wild cattle, up to healthy cooking, never the same. A book, I was saying, that still has so many blank pages to write. Exciting: it makes me feel ready, every day, for a new adventure '.

Giorgio Mastrota proud father (and grandfather): the sweet dance with his daughter Natalia - guard

THE GREAT PASSION - For some time his passion has been horses: “A sanguine passion. As much as the desire to deeply understand their behavior and the mysterious way they have of communicating with each other. Thanks to horses I also met the love of life, Drew: for them I decided to turn the page and devote myself only to the art of horse riding '. And again: “Horses help to take note of our weaknesses and inner strength. Far from existential speculations, they keep us anchored to nature, to the Earth with a capital T, to what really matters: love '.

Natalia Estrada, do you remember her when she was like this? - photos yesterday and today

MANY MEMORIES - But at the age of 50, some assessments are also made and the best memories are relived: “I think of the birth of my daughter Natalia in 1995, when I was in the“ cyclonic ”whirlwind of TV and cinema. I also think of the trips to America, the first time in the saddle, a cowboy in my everyday life, the beauty of becoming 'grandmother Natalia who dances with horses' ... A life full of adventures, far from routine and fixed patterns, which at a certain point I avoided with care, without excesses or follies: I never needed it ”. He has no regrets, not even for television, where he started working at the age of 17: 'From TV I continue to receive the affection and nostalgia that programs and films have left in people's hearts, but I really believe that that stage lasted well 20 years of my life has ended elegantly and completely, even if in recent months there have been very tempting offers ”. But she, she assures her, she doesn't want 'distractions'. Her fate has now taken other paths.

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