Natalia Estrada, who sees you again: 'Never in a reality show to show my miseries' – exclusive

A life spent on television. A second life to its opposite. And without any regrets. As he tells exclusively in the weekly Oggi on newsstands

 natalia-estrada-cavallo-1920 Natalia Estrada and her new life as a cowgirl. But do you remember what she was like? Photo Video

Natalia Estrada tells her new life exclusively to Today on newsstands. Which is made up of horses, cows and no TV. Without any regrets. Not to mention that she is already a grandmother – Photo | video

Natalia Estrada, her first 50 years… and her horses Natalia Estrada, her first 50 years… and her horses

Natalia Estrada and her new life as a cowgirl with her husband Andrea Mischianti – guard

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 !P!Oggi!IS!0041.2022!N!41 COVER!E!.pdf “EVERYONE PROPOSED THEM TO ME” – «The reality shows? Everyone has offered them to me, I don't see why I should go on TV to show my miseries ». In the interview given to the weekly Oggi on newsstands, Natalia Estrada reveals that she has received (and rejected) many television offers. She and she to have no regrets. «I know how to present discreetly, dance, if I wanted to go back to TV I would have something else to offer. But my lifestyle is priceless: I live in the countryside, I take care of my horses and I live with a cowboy hat on my head, if I take it off I feel uncomfortable».

Natalia Estrada is already a (very young) grandmother! – guard

“FROM BERLUSCONI, TO MASTROTA, TO MISCHIANTI” – Natalia Estrada, who lives on a ranch in the Forlì hills with her husband Andrea Mischianti, has just turned 50. «I celebrated them in Colorado, with an equine-themed cake and a big barbecue». When she met Andrea di lei, at first she disliked her, reveals Estrada, who also tells about her relationship with Paolo Berlusconi in Oggi di lei. Her daughter Tali of her, had by her ex-husband Giorgio Mastrota, gave her two grandchildren. «Grandma is just a name, like 50 is just a number. The children already have a pony, they come with me to ride. I am the “grandmother of horses”».

Natalia Estrada: 'So I saved 40 horses from the earthquake' - exclusive

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