Natalia Vovk, this is who the Ukrainian is who killed Darya Dugina for the Russians

The woman linked to the Azov Battalion, with her daughter in tow, would enter Russia in July. She allegedly followed the victim and then detonated a remote bomb. It is the reconstruction of the Kremlin 007, but too many things do not add up

  Natalia Pavlovna Vovk Natalia Pavlovna Vovk's identification card released by Russian intelligence Photo Video

Her name is Natalia Pavlovna Vovk, of Ukrainian nationality and now she is on the run in Estonia: she is, for the Russian 007, the woman who killed Darya Dugina, daughter of Vladimir Putin's ideologist, making her explode inside his Land Cruiser . The Kremlin awarded the victim an honor in her memory. The father: 'Our hearts yearn for more than just revenge or punishment.' - Photo | video

Russia: 'Darya Dugina killed by a Ukrainian mercenary'. And the story is worthy of 007 - guard

THE YELLOW - Darya was blown up in Moscow, Odintsovsky district. And, according to initial reconstructions, her father should also have been in the car. From the self-proclaimed pro-Russian Republic of Donetsk, separatist leader Denis Pushilin immediately pointed the finger at Kiev, despite the fact that in Ukraine he distanced himself from the attack. And even Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, had gone further: 'If the Ukrainian lead is confirmed by the investigators, then it will be state terrorism on the part of Kiev'. Then, on TV, the Russian dissident Ilya Ponomarev, a former member of the Russian Duma, expelled for anti-Kremlin activities and a Ukrainian citizen since 2019, brought up the NRA, the national republican army, an anti-Putin resistance that opened new scenarios in the conflict, showing a very strong and uncontrollable branch within Russia itself. But in 48 hours the 007 of the FSB, the federal security service, believe they have closed the case: the attacker would be Natalia Pavlovna Vovk.

Dissident Ponomarev: 'Behind the attack in Moscow there is no Kiev, but the anti-Putin Russian partisans' - guard

THE PORTRAIT - Natalia, a Ukrainian national, is said to be linked to the Azov Battalion and arrived in Russia in July with her 12-year-old daughter to live in a rented apartment. Videos have been released that frame her as she enters and exits the country with a Mini whose Ukrainian license plate has been exchanged for a Kazakh one. She would be able to track Darya's whereabouts step by step. On the victim's car, under the driver's seat, there was a 400-gram bomb, connected remotely perhaps with a cell phone and activated in an area where the surveillance cameras did not work. After the attack, Natalia fled to Estonia. If so, it would mean that it was really her, and not her father, the target to hit. But on Telegram comes the denial of the Azov Battalion, part of which was taken prisoner at the Azovstal in Mariupol: 'The attack is the preparation for the opening of the' tribunal 'against Azov. After all, in this way Russia warms the public opinion of its citizens on the 'need' for such a process '. But even if that were the case, if Natalia were really the bomber and linked to Azov, what happened certainly puts the Russian security service in a bad light, which proved to be sensationally unprepared, unable to foresee a terrorist attack on its territory. And there are many questions that lack an answer: why was Darya not adequately protected? How is it possible that in the middle of the war a woman linked to the Azov Battalion was let in and left free to move for a whole month? How did the explosives enter the country and where did it come from? Finally, although the official Russian version gives the bomber a fugitive in Estonia, the Estonian Foreign Ministry claims that it has not received any request for extradition for Natalia. The umpteenth contradiction of a detective story that appears to be anything but resolved.

Moscow, Alexander Dugin at the scene of the attack on his daughter Darya - guard

THE WORDS OF THE FATHER - The Kremlin honored the memory of Dugin's daughter with the Order of Courage 'for her courage and dedication in carrying out her professional duties'. And Father Alexander speaks for the first time after Darya's death: “Our hearts yearn for more than just revenge or punishment. We just need our Victory. My daughter laid her virgin life on her altar. So win, please! We wanted to make her smart and a hero. You let me inspire the children of our homeland to do business even now '. Putin calls the attack 'a vile and cruel crime'. And the victim as 'a brilliant and talented person with a real Russian heart'.