Netflix fans annoyed: 'Sandman' collects Shitstorm

"The Sandman" bei Netflix verwirrt durch seine langgezogenen Bilder – doch diese Optik ist beabsichtigt. 'The Sandman' on Netflix confused by its elongated images – but this look is intended. Image: Netflix

'Sandman' is currently the most popular series at Netflix and took first place in the streaming service's top ten. The optics, however, are quite unconventional, because the images appear stretched vertically. Many a fan is therefore wondering on social networks whether there is something wrong with their own screen. But don't worry: This style is intentional on the part of the series makers, as Netflix has already made clear. However, this does not detract from the criticism.

Netflix: Fans confused about 'Sandman'.

The idiosyncratic look is particularly noticeable with heads that look unusually elongated in the series. A British viewer complains about Twitter at Netflix and also links to the official account of the streaming service. User prompt:

'Please correct the aspect ratio of 'Sandman', it's so annoying!'

This fan doesn't seem to really enjoy the series either: 'Why is the aspect ratio of 'Sandman' so messy? I kind of don't want to watch it anymore.'

'Did you mess up the aspect ratio on 'Sandman'?' is the question asked by a confused viewer.

This is behind the strange 'Sandman' look

In fact, 'Sandman' looks exactly as intended by those responsible. In an official statement, the streaming service said: 'As you will notice, many of the environments in the series are surreal. We often say that it feels just like a dream. 'The optics should therefore contribute to a special atmosphere.

The US industry magazine ' Variety ' has already attempted a technical explanation for the visual gimmick. The striking style could be due to the parallel use of an old-fashioned lens and a modern camera - or even to the use of a wide-angle lens.

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The 'Sandman' creative department around Will Baldy, Sam Heasman and George Steel has not yet announced which lenses were actually used. The trio were responsible for the camerawork during the production and would probably prefer to keep such details to themselves in order not to disenchant the show or to maintain the fascination.

Unfavorable for Netflix, however: Even the fans who already know that the series looks the way it looks like can't be mollified. Among other things, it says on Twitter: 'I thought I was imagining it, but 'Sandman' really has a wrong aspect ratio of the picture, which is driving me crazy, but it's probably intentional... This doesn't feel like dream but shitty attitude on the TV at relatives. '

Incidentally, the scripts for a possible second season are already finished. As Author Neil Gaiman Contrasted' Metro ' announced, only the green light from Netflix is ​​missing for a sequel. Now it remains to be seen whether season one has already alienated too many people with its appearance, or whether the success can be repeated.