Netflix: 'You' star Penn Badgley chats about spicy series scenes

 Penn Badgely has played the role of serial killer Joe in the Netflix series for three seasons now"You". Penn Badgely has played the role of serial killer Joe in the Netflix series You for three seasons now. bild: IMAGO / Picturelux

Incredibly scary and peppered with surprising twists, the series 'You' inspires Netflix her audience since 2018. While a variety of sex scenes make the show particularly exciting for viewers, actor Penn Badgley spoke on the podcast 'Podcrushed' in July about what it's like to shoot the explicit sequences, especially when his character is masturbating.

His role is probably one of the scariest on Netflix: Joe Goldberg is a serial killer who consumes excessively Women stalks and manipulates and does not shy away from murder. But at certain scenes, Penn Badgely's portrayal of the killer was too creepy even for the director.

Masturbation too scary for Netflix

'I was always told to make it less scary,' says the actor in an interview. We are talking about masturbation scenes in which the 35-year-old apparently kept his eyes open instead of closing them. That was too scary for the director of the episode. The series star himself had a different opinion, for him the instructions made little sense. Finally bring his character people around and masturbate on the street, it couldn't get much more horrible in his eyes. 'How come I'm the one making it creepy?' , wondered the 'Gossip Girl' breakout actor.

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Penn Badgely prefers to film intimate scenes with others

Before the American filmed the spicy scenes, however, he stated 'that I haven't done it that often in front of the camera.' But the Hollywood star was undeterred and jumped in at the deep end. Nonetheless, the actor finds it disconcerting to film masturbation scenes in a room full of people:

'You're like, 'That's not a thing,' and then it all happens on camera with people looking in your face.'

For the Victoria Pedretti co-star, it's clear 'sometimes such scenes are more difficult than those with another person'. Because Penn Badgley also plays plenty of intimate scenes together with acting partners in 'You'.

Fans of the series can look forward to new episodes. Filming for the fourth season began in March. The new episodes are expected to be released by the end of the year.