Nick Cerioni: Jovanotti, Achille Lauro, Orietta Berti, all from the image guru

Musicians and not only, without the looks designed by him they do not take a step. Here is who the most influential 'stylist' is: from the Marches, he studied in New York and dotes on Raffaella Carrà: 'My iconic character'

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What do Achille Lauro, Laura Pausini, Orietta Berti, Jovanotti, Il Volo, Tananai, Rkomi, Pierfrancesco Favino and Barbara d’Urso have in common? They have the same stylist, Nicolò “Nick” Cerioni. To the general public his name may mean nothing, but in the world of entertainment he is considered a guru (so much so that it is said that a creative of his level counts more than record companies) - Photo  | video

Achille Lauro, polemic anchor: after one striptease and the hand nell'intimo – video

For example, Achille Lauro's looks between the sacred and the profane in Sanremo are hers, as well as Orietta Berti's dresses, also at the festival, with scallops at breast height. Laura Pausini relied on him for Eurovision, and he invented the pirate image of Jovanotti in the Jova Beach Party.

Jovanotti eats wisteria! Incredible, but true ... - video

Cerioni is 38 years old, from the Marche region and studied in New York. In 2010 he founded Sugar Kane, a creative studio that produces photos, videos and styling, with the partner and then husband Leandro Emede (they are fathers of two children, Blu and Libero, born with gestation for others). 'My iconic character is Raffaella Carrà,' he said. 'She and Luca Sabatelli, her stylist have revolutionized Italian TV and costume'. And then: «Jovanotti was the first to believe in me. I try to create an imaginary behind an artist, so that it becomes a universe that talks about something, that sends a message, becomes a lever that unhinges ».