Nika Shahkarami, the 16-year-old killed for singing against the regime in Iran

The young woman had disappeared on 20 September. Today the family announces to the world that she was massacred. Her body was buried in an undisclosed location. And protests are rampant across the country. Despite the increasingly harsh repression: there are almost 100 victims so far

  Nika-Shakarmai Nika Shahkarami, would have turned 17 on Sunday 2 October Photo Video

Nika Shahkarami, the 16-year-old Iranian who disappeared on 20 September was murdered. Her body was recognized on October 1 by her aunt Atash Shahkarami in the morgue of a female penitentiary, but according to her official sources, her body was found on the street. It is yet another dark page of a regime that is increasingly struggling to stem the protests of Iranian women. The exact dynamics of this tragedy are not clear: for sure we only know that in the last message to a family member Nika was frightened because she was being chased by the police – Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Nika Shahkarami, the 17-year-old Iranian killed for singing against the regime in Iran Nika Shahkarami, the 17-year-old Iranian killed for singing against the regime in Iran

Nika Shahkarami, who is the 16-year-old Iranian girl killed because she sang against the regime in Iran - guard

CRUSHED SKULL AND DEEP WOUNDS - After the recognition, the family had been authorized to bury Nika's body on Sunday, her 17th birthday, in the city of Khorramabad. Then, however, the authorities decided on one last disgrace: fearing that Nika's grave could become a pilgrimage destination, they secretly buried her, against the wishes of her parents, in the cemetery of a small village. According to the tam tam of her social networks, her aunt, who would now in turn have been arrested, said that the girl had a crushed skull, and deep wounds.

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WHY SHE WAS KILLED - According to some sources, the arrest of the student would have come after the girl had protested in the square with her peers. For others, however, Nika would have been punished for singing without a veil, in a video that went viral, an old Iranian song from the film King of Hearts. The Islamic regime does not tolerate the music and films of the period before the ayatollahs' revolution, even if they are in fact still very popular, because it believes they contribute to the corruption of the morality of its citizens.

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THE PROTESTS IN THE SQUARE - The terrible end of Nika Shahkarami risks being further fuel thrown on the fire of the protest, which now also involves underage high school students. The wave of demonstrations against the Islamic regime, which continues unabated despite the fierce repression carried out by the police (according to the NGO Iran Human Rights, at least 92 people have been killed since the beginning of the protests). What brought women to the streets was the killing, in Tehran, by the morality police, of Masha Amini, a Kurdish girl punished because she did not wear the Islamic veil correctly. But in the following days the protest spread to all sections of society, finding fuel in the widespread discontent: Iranians are increasingly poor, inflation is reducing the purchasing power of families and sanctions are strangling the economy, while a regime obsessive and sharp-eyed limits freedom in every way.