No Vax, 1878 doctors ready for reinstatement. But Puglia and Campania are opposed

Out of 4,000 suspended, more than 400 are dentists and 47% of the total are over 68 and outside the National Health Service. The Order of Doctors: 'No risk'. But the regions are not there: 'The vaccination obligation remains in force here'

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There are 1878 no vax doctors ready for reinstatement. The Order of Doctors believes that there are no risks, but Puglia and Campania oppose: Puglia maintains its own law. And Campania prohibits contact between non-vax doctors and patients. Therefore, as in the past, an tug of war between the Regions and the Government is expected on the matter. - Photo | video

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THE REINTEGRATION - There were 4,000 doctors suspended. But 400 of them are dentists and 47% of the total are over 68 and are outside the National Health Service. Health Minister Orazio Schillaci says: 'I based it on the fact that today the scenario is completely different and there is a serious lack of staff: it is true that there will be around 4 thousand doctors reinstated, but in the meantime we are starting to make them available to the management sanitary. What they will do will be decided by the individual health departments, evaluating the best place where the reinstated doctors can go to work'. The replenishment should take place within the week. But, as specified by Giovanni Migliore, president of the Federation of health and hospital companies 'we are talking about small numbers: we are talking about a few units for each hospital because most of the unvaccinated doctors are freelancers'.

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NO RISK - Filippi Anelli, president of the Order of Doctors, provides some numbers: “There were 4004 doctors and dentists suspended. Of these, 3543 doctors, 461 dentists and 325 double members. However, looking at the age of the suspended, 47% of the 3543 doctors, i.e. 1665, are over 68 and are therefore outside the National Health Service'. The reinstatement will also affect 2,600 nurses and 1,194 pharmacists. Rings, then, is certain that there will be no problems and tells Ansa: “Returning unvaccinated doctors to work at this time is not risky. Article 32 of the Constitution delegates to Parliament the definition of the balance between the rights of individuals and those of the community in matters of health. During the Covid emergency, all parties, with the exception of the Brothers of Italy, had reasoned on the prevalence of community law. Now the trend of the pathology has changed, which is why the government is proposing to Parliament the adoption of an act that restores the correct functioning of article 32 of the Constitution'.

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THE NO OF PUGLIA AND CAMPANIA - But a no comes from Puglia. The regional health councilor, Rocco Palese, claims that the law on compulsory vaccination will remain in force in the Apulian structures. The Undersecretary of Health Marcello Gemmato makes it known that the regional law will be challenged and therefore a battle in court is expected. And the governor of Puglia Michele Emiliano replies: 'Gemmato is a long-time politician and should know that between national and regional laws in competing matters such as health there is no hierarchy relationship that makes the former prevail over the latter, except that there is an infringement of Parliament's powers. But the latter must be challenged promptly by the Government, which did not happen in our case, being the law in question from 2021 '. Even in Campania there is skepticism. The president of the Region Vincenzo De Luca has sent a directive to healthcare companies and hospitals with which 'it is mandatory to define the use of unvaccinated healthcare personnel while protecting the health of vaccinated patients and operators'. For this reason, it is stated that 'the necessary actions aimed at countering any hypothesis of contagion, avoiding direct contact of unvaccinated personnel with patients' will be implemented.