Noemi Bocchi in court against her husband Mauro Caucci: he is accused of ill-treatment

While the Tottis' war on Rolexes and handbags rages on, the ex-footballer's new partner is engaged in a criminal trial. According to her testimony, accompanied by a medical report, her husband would have attacked and beaten her

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There is no peace for the new couple Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi. While the former captain is engaged in the hearings on Rolex and handbags with Ilary Blasi, his new partner has to face a criminal trial in which her husband Mauro Caucci is accused (the two, in fact, have not yet divorced). The man is accused of ill-treatment of Bocchi: according to her testimony, accompanied by a medical report, he allegedly attacked her in her home after the separation - Photo | video

Crisis between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, speaks Mario Caucci, husband of Noemi Bocchi: 'Grotesque situation'. Video interview Crisis between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, speaks Mario Caucci, husband of Noemi Bocchi: 'Grotesque situation'. Video interview

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, face to face in court: While he is already divorcing ... from his lawyer - guard

WHAT HAPPENED – The 34-year-old filed a complaint in September 2019 in which she recounts the stages of her estrangement from Caucci: 'As you can imagine, I would have preferred to maintain as civil a relationship as possible with my husband, but after months of fruitlessness since he did not give me any contribution, my husband began to put a lot of pressure on me to accept his conditions, promising me that he would not let me lack for anything, just as our children would lack for nothing”. The agreement provided for a check of 1,250 euros per month for each child, which was not always respected by the 35-year-old.

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THE MISTREATMENTS – On the night of May 1st, Caucci calls her insistently on the phone and, once he arrives at Noemi's house, he starts ringing the intercom insistently despite her begging him to leave because the children are sleeping. Once he enters, according to the woman's testimony, he puts his hands around her neck, tugs at her. Bocchi takes refuge in the bathroom, Caucci then threatens to break down the door; then he attacks her and leaves at dawn. In the following days, her husband tries to divert her and convince her that nothing has happened, even asking for her forgiveness. But to support the story of Totti's partner there is also a medical report which certifies the injuries that her husband caused her.

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IT DOES NOT END HERE - Before Judge Caucci he will also have to defend himself 'from having violated the obligations of moral and material assistance linked to parental authority, maintaining a conduct contrary to family morals, in particular by not being interested in minor children after having left the family home'.