Nutella also beats Facebook: Giovanni Ferrero richer than Mark Zuckerberg

In the ranking of the Scrooges in the world, the CEO of the Alba multinational beats the founder of the most widespread social network. Leads the ranking Elon Musk, who however loses 66 billion after the takeover of Twitter

 giovanni ferrero nutella Giovanni Ferrero has assets of 38.6 billion euros Photo Video

Giovanni Ferrero surpasses Mark Zuckerberg: Nutella stronger than Facebook. In the special ranking of the Scrooges of the world drawn up by Bloomberg, the CEO of the most famous spreadable cream in the world surpasses the founder of the most used social network. - Photo | video

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THE HERITAGE - In fact, Ferrero ranks twenty-fifth by assets, with 38.6 billion, while Zuckerberg, grappling with the complex Metaverse revolution, falls to place number 29, with 36.1 billion. A sort of revenge of the old economy against the virtual kingdom: on the other hand, the founder of Facebook saw 80 billion dollars burned on the Stock Exchange, unleashing the wrath of shareholders.

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ELON MUSK PRIMO - However, we are very far from the top, still led by Elon Musk, who, despite a drastic -66 billion, perhaps partly due to the contentious takeover of Twitter, is firmly in command with 200 billion. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, settles at 127 billion and the figure of an industrialist, Gautam Adani, stands out in fourth place.