October is the month of the fight against breast cancer: the Pink Ribbon of Airc turns 30

The initiative is promoted by Estée Lauder with the Airc Foundation. And for this edition, the Maschio Angioino in Naples lights up in pink. Discover all the initiatives. With an exceptional godmother


The Pink Ribbon campaign, the month of October against breast cancer, turns thirty. Conceived by Evelyn H. Lauder and promoted by The Estée Lauder Companies in partnership with the AIRC Foundation, it has a clear objective: to make breast cancer increasingly curable, raising awareness among women of the importance of prevention and raising funds for research.

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MANY STEPS FORWARD - Many things have changed in thirty years. One above all: thanks to research progress, five-year survival after cancer diagnosis has grown from 78 to 88%. «They have been years of extraordinary progress for the treatment of breast cancer: surgical interventions that are increasingly conservative and respectful of the woman's body, less toxic and shorter radiotherapy treatments, personalization of medical treatments», says Lucia Del Mastro, AIRC researcher at the 'IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino and the University of Genoa and face of this year's Pink Ribbon AIRC campaign. «All this has led to a considerable increase in the percentage of people who are curable or curable in the long term. However, research must continue to make all breast cancers curable.

THE NUMBERS - Tens of thousands of lives have been saved by a disease that affects 55,000 women in Italy every year. But that cursed 12% is still missing: these are the patients who die as victims of the more aggressive forms, such as metastatic breast cancer. This is why the pink ribbon, the symbol chosen by AIRC to represent this challenge, is truncated. To be completed, everyone's commitment is needed: from women who must undergo the recommended screening and control exams, from researchers, to develop new therapies, and the help of supporters, who have allowed AIRC to allocate in 2022 15 million euros to 161 research projects and scholarships in this area.

THE INITIATIVES - Throughout the month of October, the PIN with the AIRC pink ribbon can be collected with a donation of 2 euros at the distribution points indicated on https://www.nastrorosa.it/ , on Amazon or on the Airc website. Pink also colors our cities. Starting with Naples, which kicks off the Campaign this evening, with the lighting of the Maschio Angioino in Naples, created thanks to The Estée Lauder Companies Italia. Finally, for those who have not yet marked visits and tests on their diary, they can take the opportunity and call the SOS LILT toll-free number 800 998877 to receive information and book a free breast examination at the closest participating LILT clinic.

Enrico Belloni

Source: oggi.it