Oliver Pocher starts angry speech: wife Amira has to calm him down

  Oliver Pocher is known for his loose mouth. In the current podcast edition"Die Pochers!" wird er von Amira gebremst. Oliver Pocher is known for his loose mouth. In the current podcast edition of 'The Pochers!' he is slowed down by Amira. Image: www.imago-images.de / imago images

That Oliver Pocher It's no secret that he's at loggerheads with the influencer industry - in his video format 'Screen Control' he's repeatedly complained about the fact that network celebrities, for example, use their children openly display. But even if he is actually in Vacation wants to relax, the topic obviously gives him no peace.

In the latest edition of the podcast 'Die Pochers!' Oliver let off steam once more. He and his wife Amira are just dating Italy returned, where the comedian made various uncomfortable observations.

Oliver Pocher railed against the Instagram trend

Actually, Oliver and Amira were just about to talk about camping when the 44-year-old burst out: 'I really can't see this Instagram food anymore, I think it's so bad now. No matter where you are - in any square, in Rome, in Vienna, in Venice, even in the Sistine Chapel or in front of it - I always see some goofs standing there kissing their lips and taking a picture of themselves. ' He went on to rant:

'I can't take it anymore, I can't keep up.' "Die Pochers!" werden Instagram-Selfies zum Reizthema. In the new edition of 'The Pochers!' Instagram selfies are becoming a hot topic. Bild: imago images/ Future Image

And that was not the end of the tirade. On the contrary, now the comedian was even really abusive and raged: 'Every old man now thinks she's Kim Kardashian, no matter where you are.'

Oliver Pocher rebuked by Amira

At this point, however, Amira intervened to sharply criticize her husband's choice of words: 'First of all, you don't say 'old man', that's very derogatory. I can't stand it. Stop talking so asocially. You can really pull yourself together and say it normally and not always so asi. '

'They are derogatory old people,' Oliver even added again. Afterwards he rumbled: 'The girlfriend always has to make a video and the other one turns around briefly so that she walks the Spanish Steps like a catwalk.'

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Finally, he also got against male Influencer out: ' And the guys, they are such fitness posts, they also get on my nerves. That's what happens with guys Auto and all the trappings.' However, you would 'not see them that often, it's mostly girls,' the moderator took stock.

In the past, you used to take two photos with a camera in front of a sight and that was it. Today, however, must for Instagram all with Music underlined and staged - Oliver finds this 'awful, really awful'.

Amira then had nothing more to say to her husband and only said with a wink: 'These are the things that drive you crazy in everyday life.'