Olivia Wilde, Giulia Salemi, Aida Yespica and the others: too many colors! For once in Venice men win

The long-awaited Harry Styles and partner finally arrive at the Lido (but they don't let themselves be photographed together…). Flashy dresses, timeless stars and some slips. Here are our grades

 olivia-wilde-ayda-yespica-giulia-salemi-tessa-thompson-venice Passed and rejected at the sixth red carpet of the Venice Film Festival Photo Video

A day of collective madness at the Lido of Venice, where it was staged Don’t Worry Darling , the film signed by Olivia Wilde with international star Harry Styles. Their couple red carpet (they are together even in private life) was highly anticipated, but the two kept a safe distance. Perhaps not to give too much room to gossip and focus better on the film. But another great actor also walked the red carpet: Colin Farrell, star of The Spirits of the Island by Martin McDonagh. And like every evening, many guests, stars and starlets - Photo | video

Harry Styles beats (even) Timothée Chalamet: he is the real star of the Venice Film Festival - guard

PROMOTED - On this gala evening, the men, it must be said, overshadow the women on the red carpet for style. Harry Styles obviously in Gucci, he does not focus on the gender fluid effect like Chalamet, but chooses an almost canonical suit for his debut at the Venice Film Festival: a double-breasted tuxedo with six navy blue buttons and a shirt with a pointed collar, light blue. Touch of style with enameled nails and rings: grade 8. Colin Farrell mysterious with classic suit and bad boy sunglasses: grade 7. Another actor who attracted attention for his style (and much more) Jean-Regé Page , the Duke of Bridgerton, now in the odor of 007. Elegant and charming: grade 7.

Elodie challenges Penelope Cruz (and all the others) in Venice: pass and fail on the red carpet - guard

MOUTH - The director of Don’t Worry Darling , Olivia Wilde , brings a bold color to the red carpet: yellow. Peplum model with train and crystal storm (Gucci of course), perhaps too much of a Greek divinity: grade 6. Total white for Aida Yespica who opts for a draped, flared dress, with a mermaid finish, but which does not conquer: rating 4.5. Tessa Thompson in recent days she has made a lot of attention with her extreme outfits, for the sixth red carpet she chooses a white maxi wedge and a fluffy lamé dress: grade 5. Instead she wanted to draw attention to herself Florence Pugh who, after the controversy of the day and his delay, comes to show with a slightly improvised Valentino look, are there any pieces missing? Grade 5.

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