Orietta Berti and her risqué photos from 50 years ago: 'They wanted me on Playboy'

On the eve of his 80th birthday, we unearthed an (almost) compromising report. On Oggi on the newsstand, he laughs about her and remembers: 'Whoever felt like my mother-in-law!'

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Orietta Berti is on the eve of an important birthday (she turns 80 on 1 June) and is experiencing a new youth between TV, fiction, commercials, music. Now, on Oggi on newsstands, she retraces a bit of her life and her career, starting with a small archive treasure, a slightly daring photo shoot published by the weekly in 1973 – photo | video

Mara Venier, the dinner with Orietta Berti is… a little tipsy. Watch the private video Mara Venier, dinner with Orietta Berti is… a little tipsy. Watch the private video

Orietta Berti: 'In my life I have only one regret, the suicide of Luigi Tenco' - guard

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 !P!Today!IS!0022.2023!N!22 COVER SEREDOVA!E!.pdf “I COLLECTED NIGHTSHIRTS” – «That was the period in which I collected nightgowns», says Orietta Berti, «as beautiful as evening dresses, and also guêpière, for that matter. They are whims you have at a certain age… They asked me to pose for Playboy and Playmen. To convince me, the director told me that with the fee I could buy two apartments in the center of Reggio Emilia. 'But I don't care', I replied, 'you don't know my mother-in-law!'».

Orietta Berti reinterprets the Maneskin… in her own way! – guard

THE OTHER 'INDECENT PROPOSALS' – Then Orietta Berti talks about other “indecent proposals”: ​​«Once she called Tinto Brass at home. My mom replies: “Orietta, the guy who makes dirty movies is on the phone”. He hears and explains: 'But I won't make her undress, I'll call her for the role of older sister'. She didn't do anything about it.' And he says of her current success: «Before I sang a lot abroad, in Italy no one noticed it. But I've never worked as hard as I have in the past two years. I do a lot of advertising, at my age it's a rare thing. And it's the boys who ask me for selfies».

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Source: oggi.it