Paola Egonu in tears: 'They ask me why I'm Italian... I'm leaving the national team'. But then she specifies: 'Just a break'

After the bronze medal in the 2022 Women's Volleyball World Cup, the Italian volleyball player vents with her agent: “I don't know if I'll continue with the a, I could take a break, but there's time to think about it. We'll see next summer.'

  paola egono Paola Egonu in tears: will she leave the national team? Photo Video

Paola Egonu is unable to enjoy the world bronze won in volleyball against the United States. And she vents her tension with her agent Marco Reguzzoni on the sidelines: “Enough, you don't understand. They even asked me why I'm Italian. Now I'm tired. This is the last game I play with the national team. The last one. The last one.” - Photo | video

Paola Egonu in tears: 'They ask me why I'm Italian...' Paola Egonu in tears: 'They ask me why I'm Italian...'

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VIDEO - A few minutes later, a video of the Italian star's outburst goes viral on social media. What happened? Her words suggest racism. The journalists then ask her for explanations. And she specifies: “I don't know if I will continue with the national team, I could take a break, but there is time to think about it. We'll see next summer.' So, she sends a message to her teammates: “This victory, despite the difficulties, is the best moment of this World Cup and I'm happy to share it with my teammates. Without them I would be nobody. They understand me and support me. They know I'm young and that I can have my bad moments too.'

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REGUZZONI'S WORDS - When asked about it, Marco Reguzzoni said: “It's an outburst at the end of the game, after a disappointment. Paola did not play well and was attacked hard for not reaching the goal of the final. She told me she was in trouble, that she's not well. She reiterated that it is an honor for her to wear this shirt and that she didn't have it with anyone, she is only very sorry because when she doesn't play well she is always accused. And that hurts her.' However, she cannot say who asked her if she was Italian.

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I AM TARGET - A Sky Sport , Paola adds: “It's bad to say, I don't want to take away the merits or respect of my companions, but I'm always the one targeted. She always goes to see how I was wrong, how I could have done better. Mentally I've reached the point where I wish I had a free summer to disconnect and appreciate what I do even more. I don't know when all this started. Obviously it's a beautiful thing because I always take the weight off and since I've been in the national team we've always had the result, I always thank my teammates with whom we've done this job but when the negative part happens and it's lost... it makes me laugh to think I've read people who have asked me why I'm Italian. I wonder why I also have to represent those who ask me if I'm Italian. I put my soul into it, I put my heart into it, I never disrespect anyone and it hurts ”.

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