Paola Ferrari reveals: 'My mother tried to kill me several times'

She grew up in fear of a 'violent and jealous' parent. The sports host confesses for the first time all the violence suffered as a child and says: 'I'll never know what a mother's hug is like'

 Rome, TV broadcast"Porta a Porta" Paola Ferrari: 'My mother was very violent. She tried to kill me several times' Photo Video

The leading face of Rai sport, Paola Ferrari, is 61 years old. And she tells her for the first time, in the interview with Today is another day , on Rai 2, a very obscure part of his biography. Mother of two children, Alessandro and Virginia, had by her husband, the entrepreneur Marco De Benedetti, whom she married in 1997, she Ferrari confesses that she grew up in terror of her mother. - Photo | video

Paola Ferrari: “My friend Alba Parietti was spectacular when she was young… everyone was talking about her!

A DIFFICULT CHILDHOOD - “My mother tried to kill me, as far as I remember at least three or four times,” says the presenter. “The situation at home was unbearable. My mother was very violent. I was beaten, my elderly grandmother was beaten ”. Serena Bortone asks for the details of those times that her mother would have tried to kill Paola Ferrari. 'She Once she tried to drown me', replies the person concerned, but she prefers not to tell too many details. “I saw the devil in her eyes. Beyond the medical reading, there is something else that cannot be explained. She was jealous, but jealousy is not enough to explain all this ”.

Paola Ferrari is the queen of gaffes: watch the video and find out how many players' names are wrong ... - guard

LACK OF LOVE - 'What I missed is that I have never had a hug of love, a teaching, from my father and my mother'. No tears, but a lot of difficulty and uncertainty in recounting such a painful part of one's past. 'Now with my father, who is elderly, there is affection but I will never know what a mother's hug is like'

THE MEETING WITH THE HUSBAND - Surprisingly, Marco De Benedetti also arrives in the connection. For the cupid couple it was Alba Parietti. 'I had just left when Alba took me to a dinner where I met Marco', says the journalist. 'I did not know her - he says - I did not follow football. She immediately struck me as a presence. She pulled a little then she collapsed '. The memory of the first meeting (“after months of courtship”) and the first kiss follows.