Paola Turci in the hospital. Francesca Pascale: 'The worst is over, I love you'

The Roman singer-songwriter said she fell beating and suffering a head injury: 'I'm fine, but I'll have it for a few days'

 francesca-pascale-paola-turci-wedding-festa Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci, love (first revealed today) was born two years ago Photo Video

Paola Turci suffered a head injury due to a fall. She is now in the hospital, she is fine but she had to cancel the concerts. To break the news the same singer who also reassured the fans. “I'm fine, it was a bad fall and I suffered a head injury, I'm in the hospital and I'll have it for a few days. Now I'm a little bit rimba and I can't tell you about it but I launched it. I'm sorry for the concert in Forlì but I will do everything to recover it, if possible. I embrace you slowly ' Photo | video

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LA DEDICA D'AMORE – Francesca Pascale also wrote on social media sending a thought of love to the woman she married on July 2 in Montalcino, in the province of Siena. “After a sudden scare, the worst is over. Great soul, I love you '.

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