Paolo and Carlotta, a love hampered by prejudices: 'They don't want to rent us a house because they are Down'

Both self-employed and workers, engaged for almost five years, have been looking for a house to rent for over a year: the owners hold back when they learn of their syndrome

 Paul and Charlotte Paolo Sesana says: 'I've never had a true love, so deep, like Carlotta' Video

Paolo Sesana and Carlotta Sganga have been together for almost five years. They work, they are in love. But for over a year they have not been able to find a home in Milan. The reason? “No one rents our house because we have Down syndrome” – video

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HISTORY - The umpteenth story of prejudice arrives in one of the cities that claims to be the most avant-garde in terms of rights. She, 39 years old, is employed in an employment agency; he, 35, is an employee of a fast food restaurant. Both with a fixed salary and indefinitely. They are autonomous, but it seems that they cannot find an apartment for rent precisely because of the distrust of the property owners towards those with Down syndrome. The confirmation comes from Renata Agosti, Carlotta's mother, who explains to Corriere della Sera: “Once the negotiations were going well. When we handed over the deposit of 3,600 euros, we were told that we could no longer proceed. We returned home with the check in the bag and low spirits. Another time the owner of a house on the fourth floor told us: 'I can't risk them jumping out the window'. But they're not fools!'

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A STAINLESS LOVE – So Carlotta continues to live with other kids with Down syndrome and educators. And Paolo with his mother in Cinisello Balsamo. And between work and sporting commitments (karate for her and basketball for him) they only manage to see each other a couple of times a week. Their hope is that soon they will be able to fulfill a dream: a house with two bedrooms. Paolo says: “I've never had a true love, so deep, like Carlotta. In the evening on the phone I am moved, because we are always far apart. I can't wait to find a home and live with her and then get married. I've already asked her five times and she asked me twice.'

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