Paolo Belli and Dancing with the Stars: 'I would only be a competitor if I were single'

On the eve of the new edition of 'Dancing with the stars', the 'landlord' next to Milly Carlucci talks about the loves born during the show and fondly remembers some of the former protagonists of the program, such as Giusy Versace and Fabrizio Frizzi

 clear Paolo Belli, 60 years old

On the eve of the 17th edition of dancing with the Stars , broadcast on Rai 1 from Saturday 8 October, Paolo Belli 'landlord' of the show alongside Milly Carlucci, jokes with Today on the 'dangerousness' of the program where famous people dance with dance teachers. On the issue of the weekly on newsstands, the musician says: 'Hours and hours of rehearsals together, physical contact, music, and then the performances... I've often thought that I would only participate as a single person: it's a risky situation'.

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VERSACE AND FRIZZI: GOOD MEMORIES - dancing with the Stars in fact he was a convict for many couples up to last year's winners, Arisa and Vito Coppola. Among the exes that Paolo Belli remembers most fondly are Giusy Versace and Fabrizio Frizzi: «When I learned that Giusy would participate, I asked myself how she would have done. Then I saw her grow, sweat and work hard and in the end his prostheses magically disappeared... For various reasons, the memory of Fabrizio Frizzi also excites me. He was the personified anti-ballo, yet sweating and trudging he committed himself body and soul ».

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