Paul Haggis and the accusation of sexual violence, for the review judges there are 'heavy shadows on the girl's reliability'

In the reasons with which the Review rejected the appeal of the Prosecutor against the release of the director, it is not excluded that the accusations charged with 'numerous inconsistencies and contradictions' were made with 'speculative intent'

 Sexual violence: Haggis in court for questioning Paul Haggis was accused of sexual assault by an English girl

Paul Haggis, the judges of the Lecce Review file the reasons with which they rejected the appeal of the Prosecutor against the release of the Canadian Oscar winner. And they write that the version of the young woman who denounced him is full of 'heavy shadows.'

Paul Haggis speaks: “My life was destroyed in a minute

THE STORY - It was the month of June and Haggis, 69, was in Ostuni for a film festival. There he was joined by a 28-year-old English girl, with whom he spent a couple of days. But shortly thereafter she denounced him claiming she had been raped. The director ended up under house arrest, protesting his innocence. And he stayed there from June 19 to July 4, before the investigating judge put him out, strongly doubting the accusations. He then told Repubblica: 'There are some things that I cannot understand: how it is possible that in your country a trial can be started even when the accusation is not corroborated by certain evidence'.

Paul Haggis released after 16 days under house arrest. The judge: 'No violence or coercion on the 28-year-old' - guard

SPECULATIVE INTENT - The prosecutor, however, insisted on the arrest, turning to the Review, which rejected the appeal, putting on paper the enormous perplexities about the matter. Indeed, the judges write: 'It cannot be considered uncritically that the position' of the complainant 'is free from speculative intentions'. And again: “The numerous inconsistencies and contradictions highlighted, together with the manifested non-indifference to the economic fallout of the story, cannot but make one strongly doubt the genuineness of the story of the offended person. The Court considers that the significant inconsistencies and contradictions highlighted in the analysis of the complainant's version cast heavy shadows on her reliability, significantly compromising the requirement of circumstantial gravity '.

Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning Canadian director arrested in Ostuni for sexual assault - x gossip guard

DIALOGUE WITH A FRIEND - The provision reports some conversations between the woman and the director, whose content 'clearly reveals a courtship that the woman turns to the director in order to meet him and spend a few days in his company, probably to establish a personal relationship, rather than a professional one. , so much so that he decides to share the same room and, therefore, the same bed '. Not only. The togates outline 'the strong-willed and determined personality' of the 28-year-old and report excerpts of conversations with a friend: 'The two talk about the search for economically 'strong' partners so as to guarantee them adequate well-being that would be rewarded by sexual availability', a content 'that does not reconcile with the description of the victim as a weak woman and subjugated by the personality of the suspect'.