Pauline Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb radiant at their stepbrother Michael's wedding

The two little stars of the Principality animate the wedding of Daniel Ducruet's eldest son, ex-husband of Stephanie of Monaco. In a complicated and very cheerful choreography of half brothers and sisters

 michaerl-ducruet-pauline-ducruet-1920 Pualine Ducruet and Camille Gottlieb, splendid bridesmaids Photo Video

An almost royal wedding was celebrated in Monte Carlo: Michael Ducruet, the eldest son of Daniel Ducruet (first husband of Stephanie of Monaco), married his girlfriend Coralie Bruno, whom he met just over a year ago ('But I don't need more time to know that you are my soul mate ”, the groom wrote on social networks). Michael is in full uniform of the carabinieri of Monaco, as well as his half-brother Louis (son of Daniel Ducruet and Stephanie). Present, and 'filming', also the half-sister of the groom (and sister so to speak 'full' of Louis), the splendid Pauline Ducruet. - photo | video

Pauline Ducruet is the pride of mother Stephanie of Monaco at Paris Fashion Week - guard

ALSO CAMILLE - But at the (civil) wedding, to complicate and complete the picture, there were also Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Stephanie and her former bodyguard, Jean Raymond Gottlieb, and little Linoué Ducruet, the youngest child of the prolific Daniel, who had by his current wife Kelly Marie Lancien. In short, a great and complicated choreography of brothers and sisters, and lots and lots of love.

Camille Gottlieb, the third daughter of Stephanie of Monaco is the new star of the Principality: here's why - guard