Pavel Nedved and his parties: this is how things really are

In a video we see the Juventus vice president engaged in a ballet with three girls. In others he staggers down the street. The controversy rages on social media. And there are even those who speak of a conspiracy

 nedved-video Pavel Nedved, all the images of the wild dance Photo Video

Pavel Nedved in the storm due to three videos that went viral on social media. In one he goes wild in a kind of train with three girls in a club. In the other two, it's not certain it's him. But the storm breaks out on social networks, even if it is not known exactly when the videos date back - Photo | video

Pavel Nedved, the frames of the unbridled dance - guard

I VIDEO - The first video is popular on Whatsapp, Tik Tok and in chats: the former Golden Ball is engaged in a superhot ballet with three girls, complete with palpatine breast of one of them on the notes of Bailando by Enrique Iglesias. The second portrays a man from behind, with thick blond hair, who staggers in the center of Turin and is about to fall: it is not certain that it is him, but the users of social networks have no doubts. In the third, recorded in the same place, a man walks away from a club with a jacket over his shoulders. It is not known when the films date back, nor who the girls are, although there are those who lash out at the Juventus vice president for a good night and those who invoke his right to privacy. Comments abound: “Is he in midlife crisis? When these things happen beyond the dislike for the subject, I always feel a little sadness '. And again: 'Perhaps the Juventus corporate decline on the market in the last three years can be explained'. And those who defend it, take it out on the same social networks: 'The story of the alleged video on Nedved confirms what I have been thinking about social media for some time, the wrong use by many. Many use it as if they were private investigators going to snoop and poke their nose on the lives of others '. There is no lack of those who hypothesize a plot to get rid of the former Juventus ace from the club and ask themselves: who made the film and how and why did they share it?

Pavel Nedved, on the Net the videos of the party with some girls - video

THE NEW COMPANION - Pavel broke up with his wife Ivana, with whom he had two children who bear the same name, in 2019. And he is dating the singer and actress Dara Rolins: in the Czech Republic they have dedicated various services to the couple and she has posted photos of the holidays spent together. He murmurs of a certain embarrassment at Juventus for a story that has nothing to do with football. But, to be honest, we don't see why.

Pavel Nedved phones Moreno after the controversy over the tunnel (and the fight) at the Match of the Heart. With final surprise ... - video