Pavel Nedved and his wild parties, the conspiracy hypothesis makes its way: that's why they wanted to hit him

Many elements do not return to the story: let's put them in a row. Also taking into account the fact that Wikipedia has given him up for firing from Juventus. A joke (or fake, call it what you want), but it reveals a lot

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Who framed Pavel Nedved? The conspiracy theory against the Juventus vice president goes wild on the web. But it also becomes a topic of discussion in the newspapers. The reason? The video of the hot dance of the former Golden Ball dates back to three years ago, but has only gone viral now - Photo | video

Pavel Nedved, the frames of the wild dance - guard

HISTORY - As is known, the videos attributed to Nedved on the web are three. The first, which has depopulated on Whatsapp, Tik Tok and in chats, saw him engaged in a superhot ballet with three girls, complete with palpatine at the breast of one of them on the notes of Bailando by Enrique Iglesias. In the second, a man walks away from a club with a jacket over his shoulders. In the third, recorded in the same place, a man from behind, with thick blond hair, staggers in the center of Turin and is about to fall. He is not sure if it is him and it is not known when the videos date back. They certainly went viral just as the champion was preparing to celebrate his first 50 years.

Pavel Nedved and his parties: this is how things really are - guard

THE PLOT - Who did that? And why? After the ironies on social media, someone wonders. According to Corriere della Sera, the hot video could be traced back to a dinner near the vice president's house about three years ago. The last woman behind Nedved was his partner in those days. And it is certain that the video cannot be from these days because at the presentation of Arkadiusz Milik, on August 29, Nedved sported a beard completely absent from the recording. Not only. In recent days, the current partner Dara Rolins, Slovak actress and singer, arrived in Turin with her friends, with whom the former champion went on vacation among the castles of Piedmont and on a trip to Genoa, as documented by Dara's Instagram profile . The videos then began to circulate at a difficult time for Juventus, struggling with the management of the case of Paul Pogba, on which his brother announced shocking revelations and in which the Juventus ace's lawyers filed a complaint for threats and attempted extortion against an organized gang. A mysterious story on which the Prosecutor's Office is now investigating ( guard ). In short, things don't add up. Corriere della Sera points out that Nedvev is “a man of Andrea Agnelli, with no ifs and buts. And to hit him in some way is also to try to hit the president who has taken nine consecutive league titles but who has also started the battle for the Super League. There is no shortage of enemies, if desired ”.

Pavel Nedved dances wildly and staggers down the street… - guard

THE PERFIDOUS JOKE - But some jokers also reserved a treacherous joke for the former Golden Ball, modifying the page about him on Wikipedia and falsely writing that he had been 'fired' because of the hot video. The changes, as reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano, remained online until 1pm yesterday. But that it was just a hoax was obvious. In fact, the free encyclopedia about him reported: 'former vice president of Juventus, following the decision by Juventus F.C. to fire him because of his unprofessional behavior that emerged in the videos of his birthday celebrations. In these, in fact, the now former manager was portrayed presumably grabbing 2 cups (two Third Cup c), an attitude considered disrespectful towards the Juventus supporters and for the history of the club, since a cup has not been raised for 25 years '.

Pavel Nedved phones Moreno after the controversy over the tunnel (and the fight) at the Match of the Heart. With final surprise ... - video