Pecco Bagnaia, everything you (maybe) don't know about the MotoGP champion who made history

His sister Carola in Ducati, his girlfriend Domizia (whom he calls Dudi), his adored dog Turbo, romanticism and a passion for dedications... He loves cooking and has an obsession with shoes. And he even bears a resemblance to his mentor…

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Francesco 'Pecco' Bagnaia is MotoGP world champion: 50 years after the days of motorcycling legend Giacomo Agostini (who won with MV Agusta), an Italian wins the world championship on an Italian motorcycle, the Ducati. But who is really the new idol of the two wheels? Here's everything you (maybe) don't know – Photo | video

MotoGP champion Bagnaia, the last lap and the joy MotoGP champion Bagnaia, the last lap and the joy

Pecco Bagnaia, the private life of the MotoGP champion - guard

THE PASSIONS - Born in Turin on 14 January 1997, he started riding a motorbike as a very young boy, looked after by his father Pietro and mother Stefania. Family in Chivasso, he set up home in Pesaro. He loves Juventus and Lewis Hamilton. A pupil, but also a great friend of Valentino Rossi, he takes a title 13 years after the Doctor. He is obsessed with shoes and likes to shop and cook. He doesn't like gossip covers and the spotlight. Rational, he doesn't argue, he doesn't yell and he usually says: 'I'm wrong once and then again', underlining his propensity for reflection. And so, in effect, he controlled the last race in Valencia, finishing ninth and becoming champion, knowing full well that it would have been useless to push.

MotoGP champion Bagnaia, the last lap and the joy – video

THE NICKNAME - Pecco has carried the nickname since he was a child, given to him by his sister Carola (now media manager of the Ducati team) who is two years older, to whom he is very close. The nickname has stuck with him and has become a distinctive sign that stands out as Pecco 63 (from his race number) on the back wall of his garage and is also the name he wears on social media, where he has already broken through the roof of 1 ,1 million followers. Carola is always in the paddock waiting for him at the end of each GP.

Valentino Rossi and Francesca Sofia Novello, triumph of kisses for their daughter Giulietta - guard

THE GIRLFRIEND AND THE TURBO DOG - With her is also Domizia Castagnini, the girlfriend of the same age as the champion, who, in a photo with him on the saddle of a motorbike in a garage, shows how you think about speed: 'Swipe to see the motorbike ride I prefer, the one from standstill'. On social networks, the two boyfriends write and look for each other. She puts a photo of them embracing: 'You are emotion: the engine of the soul'. He gets romantic for Domizia's birthday, whom he affectionately calls Dudi: “Always smile at life as only you can do, since you are a joy for the eyes of those lucky enough to be able to admire you. Happy birthday'. They have in common a great friend, the dachshund Turbo, who accompanies them practically everywhere. The champion, then, particularly likes the dedications. He made the last one to his Ducati a few hours after winning the world championship: “We made a promise to each other, a long time ago: We would become world champions TOGETHER. I've wanted you and I've been looking for you since the first time I heard the dry clutch noise of my uncle's 996. We chose each other, we fought but we always understood each other. Red is part of me and today we wrote the most beautiful story ever'.

Valentino Rossi and Francesca Sofia Novello, the baptism of their daughter Giulietta ... with surprise - guard