Penelope Cruz speaks: 'I, Raffaella Carrà and the tears I shed for her'

The Spanish actress conquers everyone at the Venice Film Festival. Also thanks to her dance in Crialese's film on the notes of Rumore. And just as she was filming that scene, the saddest news came

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'She just passed this way.' 'But no, she was at the restaurant until recently!'. 'Wait, I'm going to look behind the casino.' In Venice, photographers went crazy. The most sought after character of the Film Festival these days is Penelope Cruz, the enchanting protagonist of The Immensity , the latest film by Emanuele Crialese. In the film, in which the actress acts in an Italian with a scent of Spanish, Cruz plays Clara, the mother of Adriana, a little girl who would like to be a boy. She jokes about it: “Since I was 17 they have made me act as a mother, you can see that I have a great maternal instinct…!”. But the strength of her character is also another. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3

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THE COMING OUT OF EMANUELE CRIALESE - The Immensity , at the Mostra, is on everyone's lips because it is inspired by the true story of the director, who was born a woman and became a man after a transition. 'My mother did not know where to turn her head - said Crialese moved - she hid with me just like in the film, she tried to protect me, but I suffered from the pain I gave her'. On the set, Penelope does the same with Luana Giuliani (Adriana), the very young and talented 13-year-old interpreter chosen by Crialese after more than 3,000 auditions around Italy. The most beautiful scene? Cruz setting the table with Luana and her two brothers set to the rhythm of Noise , sung by Raffaella Carrà. 'The very day we staged that dance, the producer came to tell us that Raffaella was gone. I cried, I loved it since I was a child, 'revealed Penelope.

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WAITING FOR HIS JAVIER - Cruz, who walked the red carpet de The immensity with a pink and black Chanel dress, she is also at the show for another film, in the margins , directed by the Argentine Juan Diego Botto, the story of the 24 hours of life of three characters who try to be in solidarity during the economic crisis. And that's not enough, because Penelope in Venice also has another mission: to accompany her husband Javier Bardem, star of Sally Potter's short film, Look at me . Photographers are chasing her everywhere for this too: a shot around the Lido with her man, her life and cinema companion, is worth more than any red carpet.

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