Morgan against Fedez for X Factor: 'If you want to challenge me, do it in terms of musical competence'

The rapper had said: I hope it is professional and that it arrives at least on time. And he is not obvious because it has never been like this. Now comes the answer. To poison
People 2023-06-07 11:01:03 by Alex Klark

François of Luxembourg, the baptism of the little prince is a real show

Big party for the last born of the grand dukes Guillaume and Stephanie. Aunt Alexandra acts as godmother, the little one is a marvel, but big brother Charles steals the show
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Isola dei Famosi: Pamela Camassa (already) in the final, Alvin well but not benign, Helena Prestes and Carlo Motta engaged. The votes of the eighth episode

There are those who are sure to go all the way and those who swear eternal love (as long as it lasts). And the envoy in Honduras seems really tired of being there
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Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank present their (second) son Ernest. Which will not be a royal highness

The birth took place on May 30 at the Portland Hospital in London, but the announcement has only now been made. With lots of pictures. The couple already have a son, August, 2 years old. The infant will have no title and is thirteenth in line to the throne
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Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia renounces the title for his daughter Vittoria: “I will step aside. In Europe there will be more queens than kings”

The prince believes that the women of the House of Savoy will go down in history. She declares herself a feminist and makes a prediction: 'Soon, in Europe, there will be more queens than kings'
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Harry of England returns to London for his trial and dad Carlo… flees to Transylvania

The Duke of Sussex returns to testify in the courtroom, with the risk of having to reveal intimate details of his relationship with the ex Chelsy Davy. And the father never misses an opportunity to stay away. Meanwhile, none of the family congratulates Lilibet Diana who has just turned 2
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Fabrizio Biggio: “Three years in analysis. And I won!'

The co-host of Viva Rai2! recounts the partnership with Fiorello, the peace made with Francesco Mandelli and what made him win back his wife: the only one on earth who doesn't make me feel alone
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Malika Ayane: 'Finally I'm rude and let myself go'

The singer becomes a writer. She recounts sentimental ups and downs and talks about discomfort, hangover, physiological needs. And she begs: I'm close to 40 but don't call me ma'am
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Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones at 80: 'And it's not goodbye...'

The actor returns to take on the role of the most famous archaeologist in cinema. And he says he's come full circle: I'm not scared of getting old. Because I still enjoy it
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Walter Veltroni and the portrait of Fabio Fazio, the Martian

For Rai he interviewed the Pope and Obama and, together, hosted those geniuses of Frassica and Mago Forest. Tying everything together with an invisible thread made of light and credible material. Breaking that thread was a mistake. Word of the founder (and former secretary) of the Democratic Party
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