Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin, family party (in Portofino) for the 7 years of their daughter Sofia Valentina

An 'intimate' birthday for the little one. Dinner and candles on a fruit tart. Without other relatives, but just a few friends of the child. While the eldest has a super hair ...

 berlusconi-toffanin-birthday-daughter-1920 Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin at the birthday party for their daughter Sofia Valentina Photo Video

Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin celebrate their daughter Sofia Valentina, who turns 7. An intimate party, in the family, with the eldest son Lorenzo Mattia and a few friends of the children. All in the square of Portofino, where they have moved for some time. And for the occasion, the looks of the little family are also worth seeing ... - Photo | video

Pier Silvio Berlusconi with Silvia Toffanin in Portofino ... and also dad Silvio and Marta Fascina - guard

INTIMATE DINNER - A family evening, therefore, for Piersilvio Berlusconi and Silvia Toffanin, with their two sons Lorenzo Mattia (super long-haired…) and little Sofia Valentina. Who wears a pink princess dress for the occasion. To which even father Pier Silvio seems to adapt, with the matching sweatshirt. But dad also matches her eldest son in the look, with that white shirt… While Silvia Toffanin chooses a tight blue dress: beautiful, waiting to see her again running Verissimo. With the (almost) promise to give space to her friend Ilary Blasi to talk about the divorce of the year ...

Silvia Toffanin speaks: 'Me, my mother's death, love (and marriage) with Pier Silvio ... I'll tell you everything

THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CHILDREN - At the end of dinner at the I Gemelli restaurant, Sofia Valentina blows out her seven candles on a fruit tart. While mother Silvia smiles at her children who grow up to her: “I play with my daughter with Barbies, I like to comb her hair, make her braids. And she lets herself be pampered ”, she says to Sorrisi and C anzoni. “With Lorenzo Mattia (who is older, he is 12 years old) I try to talk a lot and follow him in sport. One of his passions is skateboarding and I like to accompany him to the skate park, even if my mother gives me a bit of chills because of what he does ... '.

Silvia Toffanin and Pier Silvio Berlusconi, how wonderful their new yacht! - guard

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