Piero Angela, the last goodbye on TV to Superquark spectators: 'Goodbye, it doesn't end here'

The last episode of Superquark was broadcast on 24 August. Here are the last words of the science communicator addressed to his beloved public

 piero angela-1 Piero Angela died on August 13, at the age of 93 Photo Video

Piero Angela, the farewell to Superquark viewers on TV is a 'goodbye', in which he announces another sixteen episodes dedicated to the future and to students: 'They will go to the autumn program also intended for schools'. - Photo | video | video 1 | video 2

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THE LAST EPISODE - The last episode of the program aired posthumously on 24 August. The famous science writer, who passed away on August 13 at the age of 93, greeted his beloved audience with a 'goodbye'. The slightly tired voice said that 'Superquark does not end here' because he can be adopted in schools.

Piero Angela, the farewell speech (and emotion) of his son Alberto: 'He went away without fear' - guard

THE FUTURE - The consecration of a transmission that has made an era thus seems a sort of legacy for the youngest science enthusiasts: 'If there is any teacher listening, know that these programs entitled 'Preparing for the future' will be available for those who want to use them during the school year. '

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